Storms cause short-lived power outage

Emily Lepkowski, News Editor

Strong storms came through Whitewater on Monday Sept. 19, bringing heavy rain and 30 seconds of darkness

The Anderson Library and computer labs were one building on campus forced to cope with the outage.

“A lot of stuff has to be manually rebooted,” said Patricia Fragola, Head of Library systems and Automation. “It’s kind of like when somebody spills something in the cafeteria it was like that.”

The storm knocked out power on campus late in the afternoon for a short period of time before turning back on.

The outage also cut power from the Wi-Fi on campus computers for about five minutes.

The power outage also affected various services at the University Center.

Sophmore, Deverey Winfrey-Young, was bowling at WarHawk Alley when the storm hit.

“I was bowling when it (power) went out. It knocked over my pins, but it saved my score,” said Deverey Winfrey-Young