Warhawk video graveyard part two

Tyler McNamer, Staff Writer

From the womb…to the tomb. Deadly kids are causing mayhem and chaos wherever they go, but who would ever guess it was them? In this week’s iteration of the Warhawk Video Graveyard, we’re going to test your limits with some of the most evil children ever spawned. The kids are alright, but are you going to be?

Who knew staying up past your bedtime could be so hazardous to your health.

1.)   Beware! Children at Play (1989, R)

When the local children go missing, a small rural town goes into panic. The pandemonium grows once the adults are found dead in bizarre ways. Are the kids being kidnapped, or are they to blame for the murders? The film leads to a climax that will leave any film viewer speechless.

2.)   The Children (2008, R)

Celebrating New Year’s Eve with your family instead of your friends can be killer. Having your younger siblings turn homicidal can be worse. For Casey, she has to protect herself from a sickness that is turning every child against their parents. One scene is guaranteed to make any viewer cover their eyes the next time they see a little kid with a pack of sharp colored pencils.

3.)   It’s Alive (1974, PG)

“There’s only one thing wrong with the Davis baby…It’s Alive!” For a film to use that as its tagline, they better make sure it is one scary baby. The Davis’s baby is one kid you don’t want to come across in a dark alleyway, or even a well-lit daycare. Immediately after its birth, the baby kills everyone in the delivery room. With fangs and claws the baby is guaranteed to make anyone squirm in their seat.

4.)   The Ring (2002, PG-13)

What do you get when you cross a videotape and a pissed off spirit? About two hours of sheer non-stop fright. Based on the 1998 Japanese film Ringu, the film follows a reporter who receives a mysterious phone call alerting her of her inevitable death. Soon she comes face to face with an evil little girl that possesses the videotape in a fight to save not only herself, but everyone she loves. At least she hasn’t possessed Netflix yet!

5.)   The Orphanage (2007, R)

Set in a dilapidated orphanage, this Spanish film proves that you don’t need blood and violence to make a truly horrifying film. After her child goes missing, Laura goes on a desperate search to find him in the decrepit building. Filled with enough spooky ghost children to fill a ghost orphanage, this is one film no one should avoid.