YouTuber writes hit book on personal struggles

YouTuber writes hit book on personal struggles

Monica Hart, Copy Editor

Hannah Hart is a breaker of boundaries. She first rose to fame by accident, after uploading a video of her getting drunk and cooking to make a friend smile. Within a few days, that video had gone viral and she used this opportunity to make more episodes. Thus, “My Drunk Kitchen” was born.

Hart’s channel, MyHarto, boasts over two million subscribers and hosts more than just drunk cooking videos. Hannah sprinkles in life advice, tutorials and personal stories of her journey to fame. From Youtube she took “My Drunk Kitchen” on the road, cooking and interacting with her fans around the United States. During this tour she partnered with two fellow YouTubers and friends to create a stand up comedy show.

From there Hart continued to grow, authoring a parody cookbook, creating and starring in two films, a superhero TV show, writing another book, creating a charity partnered with Subaru and soon will be the star of a new Food Network Show.

It is easy to assume that Hart has always lead such a charmed life, but in her latest book “Buffering: Unshared tales of a Life Fully Loaded”, Hart shows her readers that she rose to fame from more than humble beginnings. This book is an autobiography that features tales of YouTube success, family trauma, a schizophrenic mother, a religious fanatic of a father and Hannah’s personal struggle to grow up and find her way mostly unguided through the world.

“Buffering” moves quickly from humor to tragedy, leaving readers gasping from shock and laughter in the same chapter. Although Hart writing style can be hard to follow, if you take a look at one of her videos it will be clear why.

She is full of energy and joy, while remaining grounded and caring. This is most evident through her charity, Have a Hart Day, where she encourages her subscribers to go to their local food bank, clothing drive, or charity event of their choosing to lend a hand and help their local community. Hart did this herself during her comedy tour, Hello Harto.

She scheduled all of her fan meetups at local food banks and asked that her followers bring a can or two for donations before they took their picture with her. Hart tells behind the scenes stories of her journey during the tour, as well as her journey through life.

Throughout the chapters she doles out suggestions for living a better life, punny metaphors for challenging topics, and advice on everything from travel to coming out of the closet. “Buffering” is Hannah Hart’s most personal and detailed project and absolutely worth the read.