UW-W Diversity Week forum sparks students


Brad Allen

Professor Yuri Rashkin serenades the Art Fest guests with a discriptive diverse genre of music ranging in modern to classical tunes.

Catherine Smith, Lifestyle Editor

Evan Halpop

The Diversity Week forum has hit the ground running. On Monday, Oct. 16, pARTicpiation forum’s Art Fest began in the UC.

This year’s art fest produced various audiences ranging in a wide variety of demographic backgrounds and orientation. The forum presented various demonstrations ranging in artistic butterflies and motivational plaques to the artistic variations of the UW-Whitewater Concert Choir.

Within the UC plaza played Professor Yuri Rashkin. During the midst of pARTicipation’s Art Fest, Rashkin performed various piano variations that expressed many different genres of music.

Rashkin expressed his passion for music, explaining how music is a source of unity; bringing an audience together in one simple form of music.

Rashkin spoke of his wishes and words of encouragement for the week of diversity to come.

“I would hope that by having a welcoming attitude, we can encourage students to be proud of what brought them to be where they are” Rashkin said.

“Every brand needs a champion by students coming together, in a positive attitude, we can come together and embrace each person’s nationality, disability, and differences.”

Spectator and student Gabriella Neurock spoke of her views on diversity week.

“I think we have a really good diversity of students on campus, but it is really hard to fully understand how diverse it is, weeks like this just emphasize our appreciation for our diverse cultures and students,” said Neurock.

Neurock also reflected on programs such like Boxes and Walls.

“They had the disability room where it was more interactive where we had to take a wheelchair and go across gravel and try to get on a toilet without using our legs and stuff like that so that was really eye opening.”

UW-Whitewater senior Connor Moore, will be a featured speaker at the diversity forum’s Luncheon on Friday, Oct. 20 from 12 pm to 2 pm.

“Even just doing this is a stretch for me. Going ‘public,’ it is a whole new realm for me, so hopefully by discussing this it will bring more open-mindedness,” Moore said.

Moore will be reflecting on the forms of activities and his experiences being a diverse student on campus.

“Hopefully by speaking about my experiences, students will make decisions for themselves, and not get involved with the stigma based around diversity.”

“I have seen racism, I have been ‘that’ kid, but here I am. My hopes are they people will just try to have a conversation and not go off of what they know, their prejudice. I just want to encourage willingness to have an open conversation.”

Evan Halpop
Concert choir students perform “diversity genre pieces” on the lawn of the UC Mall for
fellow UW-Whitewater students and staff.
Brad Allen
Prospective student and her parent look at diversity student’s self-expression of how diversity has effected them and how it has impacted their lives.