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‘Boxes and Walls’ event tackles oppression

‘Boxes and Walls’ event tackles oppression

Hannah Schultz, Staff Reporter

November 5, 2018

   A haunting experience once again arrived on the UW-Whitewater campus in the wake of the Halloween season.    UW-W hosted its annual diversity experience called Boxes & Walls, which many have described as “enlightening” and “life-changing.”    Instead of the blood, guts and gore of a t...

UW-W Diversity Week forum sparks students

UW-W Diversity Week forum sparks students

Catherine Smith, Lifestyle Editor

October 17, 2017

Evan Halpop The Diversity Week forum has hit the ground running. On Monday, Oct. 16, pARTicpiation forum’s Art Fest began in the UC. This year’s art fest produced various audiences ranging in a wide variety of demographic backgrounds and orientation. The forum presented various demonstrations ranging in...

Campus celebrates coming out day

Brenda Echeverria, Staff Writer

October 17, 2017

University of Wisconsin-Whitewater students and staff celebrated National Coming Out Day on Oct. 11 in an event held in the Warhawk Connection Center. The day’s event, which looks to promote LGBTQ awareness, was put on by UW-W LGBT, student organization IMPACT, and the UW-W Pride Center. Pidgeon...

Students should embrace campus diversity

October 30, 2013

Josh Hafemeister Black History Month, Gay and Lesbian Pride Month, Coming Out Day and National Hispanic Heritage Month are just a few of the select holidays promoting a particular race or cultural lifestyle. Yet, hate crimes still permeate our culture. Last year, the Sikh Temple in Oak Creek was...

International scholar to discuss identity, diversity, women at colloquium

International scholar to discuss identity, diversity, women at colloquium

January 23, 2013

  Identity, diversity and women’s empowerment will be the theme of the 2013 Student Affairs Colloquium, hosted by the Division of Student Affairs. “The purpose of the colloquium series is to deepen our understanding of the UW-Whitewater student experience,” Brent Bilodeau, assistant...

Chancellor Telfer hosts listening session, announces campus goals

November 12, 2012

  Chancellor Richard Telfer hosted the October Listening Session on Oct. 22, giving students and faculty an opportunity to ask questions and discuss university topics. Telfer believes the Listening Sessions are something more students should take advantage of. “It is a good opportuni...

Students should accept gender diversity on campus

March 7, 2012

Growing up, we were taught there are two kinds of genders: boys and girls. It made sense, the two anatomical sexes of male and female coincided with the genders succinctly, and we followed this information obediently, not ever questioning it. But being taught that was incorrect—at least partially...

Making UW-W more accessible for everyone

October 12, 2011

As a visually impaired student, I take notice of how accessible Whitewater is to handicapped students. For years UW-Whitewater has been known for its accessibility accommodations for students with disabilities. With in-class and out-of-class aids, extended time for test-taking, and buttons which...

“What the Hall?!” spotlight on Wells West

October 12, 2011

By Mimi Ramirez Sheldon Bean has called Wells West home for the past two years. “It has been a good experience to meet a mix of people and be exposed to all different groups and lifestyles,” Bean said. Because Bean had such a great experience living in Wells West his freshman year,...

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