More than just a holiday

More than just a holiday

Royal Purple Staff, Royal Purple Staff

Valentines Day is a scary day for couples everywhere.

But it shouldn’t be.

ABC News estimated that a whopping $18.2 billion would be spent last year on the holiday of Cupid, equating to just over $136 a person.

While it’s understandable that people want to please their significant others, the idea that we need a designated day to do it is a pathetic notion.

It should be easy for us to treat those we love in a special way regardless of the date or how much pink and red is thrown around local convenience stores to make you empty your wallet.

But that’s the thing – You don’t have to spend a dime to make your significant other feel special.

I’m not saying you should spend tons and tons of money on your significant other all the time. Money doesn’t buy love, and this is true.

You know what doesn’t cost a thing?

Listening. Like actually listening; not the half ass nodding while playing Fortnite and plotting your response before they’re even finished speaking.

Being there. This one goes hand in hand with listening, but sometimes a person doesn’t want to talk about things, and that’s fine. Make it known that you are there for your significant other, and give them something small like a hug or hold their hand.

Doing the small stuff. Look, I’ve (almost) never met a girl who didn’t appreciate a fancy dinner or a necklace. But most girls just want the simplest things to feel appreciated and to smile. Frame your favorite photo of her and give it to her. Open her car door for her every once in awhile. Talk to her family.

Valentines Day can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Go ahead, buy her the flowers. But open the car door for her, listen to what she has to say and be there when she needs it. Ladies, let him play that game of Fortnite every once in awhile. Give him that extra attention even though you think he might be whining just a little bit.

But when Feb. 14 is over, don’t forget to continue those things. Sure the holiday is a good excuse to spoil your significant other, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be treated with respect and appreciation every other day too.

Happy Valentines Day.