Photo gallery showcases student’s exploration


Sarah Nelson

Junior Sarah Nelson’s photo from her five-day excursion in Morocco hangs in the Wander, Explore, Discover and Reflect Center for Global Education photo contest exhibit in Roberta’s Art Gallery.

Kaarin Lorum, Staff Reporter

Many college students dream of one day studying abroad, and every year UW-W students head across borders to make those dreams a reality.

Junior Sarah Nelson is one of those students who studied abroad and also brought back snapshots of her trip to enter in the Center for Global Education photo contest. The theme for the photo contest is Wander, Explore, Discover, and Reflect.

Students, faculty and staff submitted over 100 photographs in the contest, according to Milliam “Millie” Lor, a Center for Global Education adviser.

Only 27 of the submitted photos were chosen for the exhibit by a panel of three judges. These photos are framed and hung in the Roberta Avonn Fiskum Art Gallery located in the University Center. The photos within the gallery highlight all walks of life in Morocco, Australia, Italy and various other parts of the world.

Nelson, a marketing and Spanish double major originally from West Bend, studied abroad in Seville, Spain for a semester in the Spring of 2017.

Nelson is involved in numerous organizations on campus, including the American Marketing Association, Delta Zeta Sorority and Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society. When not engaged with these organizations, she uses any free time to read, paddleboard and improve her photography skills.

Not only did Nelson take the time to study and experience the beauty of Spain while abroad, but she also traveled to other European countries.

“I was able to just hop on a short plane ride every weekend in order to see a new country and experience it,” Nelson said.

One of her favorite excursions was to Morocco for five days. In this journey, she ventured into the Sahara Desert with company on camel back. While in the Sahara Desert, Nelson took numerous photos. She submitted three into the contest, and picking one of her favorites that showcases the vastness of the Sahara.

“The Sahara Desert was hands down one of the most magnificent things I saw while abroad, and the view at the top of the sand dune in the photo was breathtaking so I knew I had to include at least one picture from there,” Nelson said.

She entitled it Sea of Sand Dunes.

“I learned that the desert never looks the same each day because the wind causes the sand to move around,” Nelson said. “Upon reflection, I realized this was a good metaphor for how I felt about studying abroad because every day brought new adventures that shaped me into who I am today.”

Studying abroad taught her a couple of good life lessons including embracing life each day.

The opportunity to study abroad might make a person feel apprehensive, but this is an opportunity not to be missed while in college Nelson said. She believes that there may not be another chance in life to go abroad for such an extended period of time, like a student can during their college career.

“Just do it,” Nelson says. “Take advantage of the opportunity.”

Nelson enjoyed the opportunity she was given, and she plans to apply to teach English in Seville, Spain for one year after she graduates. She has hopes that her abroad travels will not stop there.

“I would love to travel to Egypt or Turkey,” Nelson said.