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Founded 1901

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Founded 1901

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A UW-Whitewater electric powered vehicle sits outside the Anderson library.

Electric cars make their way up in public transport

Rori Leonhard, Lifestyle Editor November 6, 2022

As gas prices skyrocket, so do the searches for alternatives. Electric vehicles such as Tesla have been restoring a well-constructed means to lessen this issue by using electricity instead of fossil fuels...

Junior Sarah Nelson’s photo from her five-day excursion in Morocco hangs in the Wander, Explore, Discover and Reflect Center for Global Education photo contest exhibit in Roberta’s Art Gallery.

Photo gallery showcases student’s exploration

Kaarin Lorum, Staff Reporter March 5, 2018

Many college students dream of one day studying abroad, and every year UW-W students head across borders to make those dreams a reality. Junior Sarah Nelson is one of those students who studied abroad...

Impact college experience with travel

Hannah Jewell, Staff Writer November 1, 2017

Studying abroad is an opportunity that not all students choose to take advantage of while in college.   Less than five percent of all UW-Whitewater students -- about 400 people -- take advantage of...

On the road again, it’s UW-W on the road again

Kolton Hegstrom, Sports Editor October 3, 2017

The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater athletics programs have been on the road more than normal during the 2017 Fall season and that’s because recent dominance makes scheduling home games difficult. “With...

Tips for planning overseas ventures on student budget

Hannah Maes, Arts & Rec Editor September 19, 2017

Let’s face it, we’re all completely broke. Whether we realize it or not, our financial abilities as college students are limited, but that shouldn’t stop us from living out our youth to the fullest. Everyone...

Traveling without sibling brings new adventure

February 2, 2016

Feb. 2, 2016 Growing up with a sister one year apart from me was like having a built-in best friend and travel buddy all my life. Coming from parents who placed such a big importance on experiencing...

Tips to help promote safety on the road ways

January 27, 2016

Jan. 27, 2016 By Marisa LaBello As the weather changes to icy extremes, possible car troubles become a burden for students. Threre are ways to ensure safe travels when driving your car this winter....

Life-changing events await students abroad

Life-changing events await students abroad

February 4, 2015

Feb. 4, 2015 Royal Purple Staff Opinion Going to college offers students an abundance of opportunities, such as joining various student organizations, getting involved in a fraternity or sorority,...

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