Electric cars make their way up in public transport


Photo taken by Felicity Knabenbauer

A UW-Whitewater electric powered vehicle sits outside the Anderson library.

Rori Leonhard, Lifestyle Editor

As gas prices skyrocket, so do the searches for alternatives. Electric vehicles such as Tesla have been restoring a well-constructed means to lessen this issue by using electricity instead of fossil fuels and gasoline to fuel our economy. This can be both environmentally and financially friendly.

The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater benefits from the use of electric vehicles on its campus. It is not an uncommon sight to see these university-owned electric vehicles being driven around by the staff or parked near the entrance of the Anderson library. The university also provides two charging locations. One is a single-post charger located at the General Services building and is designed to serve an electric vehicle in the service or rental vehicle fleet. The other location is a dual-post charger in the parking lot adjacent to Upham Hall and is designed to serve the wider campus community with a convenient location. Alternative transportation, especially electric cars, help to reduce negative environmental impacts like pollution and greenhouse gas emissions created from vehicles.

Electric cars have been a controversial topic for many years, but as we soar deeper into the future, the idea has become not so unrealistic. Many companies have been working to create affordable electric vehicle services all across the country and even nationwide.

Autonomy is a subscription service that allows you to rent an electric vehicle without all the commitment that comes with ownership. Autonomy has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, iHeartRadio, and many other productions. The company is slowly making its way up in social media and publicity.

Owning a hybrid or electric vehicle is no longer reserved to those who can spend a pretty penny but is now more readily available to those who decide to switch over. Electric scooters also made their way into Whitewater not too long ago and have been incredibly popular amongst students who can quickly make it to their classes without needing to take another type of transportation. Electric vehicles were once just a dream. Today, they are a straight shot into the future.