Market Proficiency Skills leads AMA to Success

Sutton Rettig, Staff Reporter

Student organizations offer more than an opportunity to connect with new people who share a common interest.

At the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, many organizations are utilized as genuine platforms where students can cut their professional teeth and showcase unique skill sets. One organization that exemplifies this principle is the American Marketing Association (AMA), evident by their recent accolades at the International Collegiate Chapter Conference in New Orleans.

Senior Kelsey Berchem, who received USCA Sales Student of the Year, highlighted the dynamic of what this organization provides and how it led them to their recent success.

“The American Marketing Association is an organization that allows any student with any major find what they are passionate about, practice skills that are critical for post-college life, and have some fun along the way,” Berchem said.

Berchem, who is the president of AMA, alluded to what makes their team of aspiring salespersons, marketers and advertisers so unique.

“Passion, hard work, and dedication—that’s what lead us to the International Collegiate Chapter Conference. The amount of time, energy, and heart that it takes to always be working towards the goal of being on top can be seen as difficult to some, but our UW-Whitewater Chapter deems this as normal. It has been an absolute pleasure of not only being a part of the UW-Whitewater American Marketing Association, but being president and leading these students. The memories, friendships, and success will forever be a part of my life,” Berchem said.

Berchem also articulated what AMA centers on throughout the academic year when pursuing success.

“The ultimate objective of this organization is to not only gain experience, but also the opportunity and skills that go beyond education in the classroom during a student’s collegiate career,” Berchem said.

Despite recent success, members do not plan to get too swept up in the moment, for an eagerness to engage with clients in the real world thrives within them. AMA members pride themselves on team-driven results.

She added that the AMA chapter is constantly innovating.

“As a team, we are always looking to improve and to keep with the latest trends in marketing,” Berchem said. “Our big initiative that we launched this year was our AMA Sales Corps. It is a new division of our AMA Chapter that allows students in AMA to be apart of a more sales-focused organization. Our student-run marketing firm, Creative Marketing Unlimited had a record amount of clients that we worked with from the surrounding areas.”

Through their business knowledge, strategic thinking and team projects, the American Marketing Association exemplifies the concept of intrinsic motivation. Sweeping the top International Sales awards, senior Matthew Young and Berchem tied for first place, junior Thomas Zoerner placed second and junior Paytin Kennicott took third. Sophomore Kaitlin Amerling placed second, and sophomore Samuel Wanezek placed third in the Perfect Pitch Competition.

The organization looks forward to defending their title in 2019 and will continue to condition their focus towards real world endeavors that could use their marketing expertise.