‘Glow Night’ attracts competition

Katelyn Black, Lifestyle Editor

This year the Homecoming committee would not settle for anything less than out of this world, and the ‘Glow Night’ event was no different. 

“Every year we have a brand-new event,” said Katrina Granberg, a University of Wisconsin-Whitewater student on the Homecoming Steering Committee. “We chose the ‘Glow Night’ event because it really fit in with the whole ‘Out of This World’ theme for this year’s Homecoming.” 

The Tuesday night event included billiards, glow-bowling and a ping pong tournament played with ‘space rules’: a special twist on the ordinary 11-point game that requires the players to score 20 points to win instead. 

John Weber, the DECA representitive in the ping-pong tournament, found the game to be just as fun.

“It was a great experience representing my organization in a game I love to play,” said Weber.

With so many things to do, the event drew in lots of students and organizations, planning either to compete or simply be part of the cheering section—a turnout that Kayla Tevepaugh, the 2018 Homecoming chair, says was reflective of the committee’s hard work. 

“These events all begin to be planned during the spring semester before. So, these events have been worked on since March,” Tevepaugh said. “The committee has been working very hard this year and that hard work is definitely being shown by how well our turnout is for each event.”