‘Polar Plunge’ fundraiser brings cool twist

Katelyn Black, Lifestyle Editor

With the cold weather of winter rolling in, some may find it hard to believe that people are willing jump into a cold body of water for any reason, but that’s exactly what many plan to do this February during the ‘Polar Plunge’ event.

This event, which is run by the UW-Whitewater branch of the Special Olympics, not only includes the plunge itself, but has also included a raffle table and a chili cook-off – all of which have been an important part of a day that has helped with the funding of athletes.

“All funds raised through the Polar Plunge go directly to the 10,000 plus athletes to help them achieve their potential by providing training, competitions and other programs throughout the year,” said Caitlin Fitzpatrick,  Director of Special Events for the organization. “Last year, Whitewater’s plunge raised over $59,000.”

And while people within the organization are grateful for the success of last year, many leaders like President Ashley Premetz are setting new goals for the day.

“Last year our organization raised close to $800 from just the raffle table, and I’d like to set a goal for $1000 this year.”

However, past the money aspect of the event, organizers, such as Caitlin Fitzpatrick, realize that there is just no looking past the inherent fun of the day.

“The Polar Plunge is a fun, family friendly event that thrives in the uniqueness of jumping into frigid waters to raise money for a good cause”.