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Polar Plunge brings teams and communities together

Polar Plunge brings teams and communities together

Katelyn Black, Lifestyle Editor

February 11, 2019

While many wouldn’t dream of getting anywhere near water during the cold of the winter months, a small group of people decided that the discomfort of the plunge was worth it if it meant helping out a worthy cause, like the Special Olympics. Still, despite the cold water and bitter cold of the winter a...

‘Polar Plunge’ fundraiser brings cool twist

Katelyn Black, Lifestyle Editor

January 21, 2019

With the cold weather of winter rolling in, some may find it hard to believe that people are willing jump into a cold body of water for any reason, but that’s exactly what many plan to do this February during the ‘Polar Plunge’ event. This event, which is run by the UW-Whitewater branch of the...

Community plunges for charity

Community plunges for charity

February 18, 2015

Feb. 18, 2015 By Alexandria Zamecnik   Imagine there’s a wind chill of -10 degrees and someone tells you to jump into an 18,000 gallon pool of freezing water. This was the challenge more than 200 people accepted to raise money for Special Olympics Wisconsin. More than $69,000 was...

Event to attract art enthusiasts

February 11, 2015

Feb. 11, 2015 By Rumasa Noor Since its inception, Whitewater Makerspace has been providing a place for people to socialize and work on common interests. Continuing with its creative success, Makerspace will hold FreezeFest Mini-Maker Faire at the Caraveth Lakefront Community Center at 10:30...

Polar Plunge makes a splash

Polar Plunge makes a splash

February 19, 2014

Feb. 19, 2014 By Michael Riley   The last words by UW-Whitewater Police Chief Matthew Keiderlen before he jumped into a pool of 18,000 gallons of frigid water on Feb. 15 were jokingly, “Someone is going to get fired.” Keiderlen, along with more than 300 community members and UW-Whitewater...

UW-Whitewater students “take the plunge” into freezing water

UW-Whitewater students

February 20, 2013

  Freezing temperatures, ice cold water and hundreds of people willing to brave them both gathered for the annual Polar Plunge event hosted by Special Olympics Wisconsin last weekend. The event took place on Feb. 16 in Cravath Lakefront Park in order to help raise funds for the Special Olympics....

UW-Whitewater AMA earns several awards including international chapter of the year

April 4, 2012

Many know about the success UW-Whitewater athletic programs have had this year. However, the UW-Whitewater chapter of the American Marketing Association was named the International Chapter of the Year at the international collegiate conference in New Orleans March 22-24. The chapter also took secon...

Polar Plunge makes big splash for Special Olympics

February 22, 2012

About 350 people jumped into an icy pool at Cravath Lakefront Park Saturday looking to make a splash among the Whitewater community and raise money for Special Olympics. “It shows that people can come together and show their support and are willing to go to extreme measures to support a great cause,”...

SPILL looking to make splash at this year’s ‘Polar Plunge’

February 8, 2012

Many student organizations are participating in the “Polar Plunge” fundraiser to help raise money and spread awareness for the Special Olympics Feb. 18th. The plunge provides a unique experience to support local Special Olympic athletes by jumping into a pool of icy cold water. “We’ll be using a po...

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