SPILL looking to make splash at this year’s ‘Polar Plunge’

Many student organizations are participating in the “Polar Plunge” fundraiser to help raise money and spread awareness for the Special Olympics Feb. 18th.

The plunge provides a unique experience to support local Special Olympic athletes by jumping into a pool of icy cold water.

“We’ll be using a pool where snorkel training is usually practiced in so it is a rather large sized pool,” senior Alyssa Klatt, development and event planning intern for Special Olympics, said.

Klatt said last year was a huge success as two plunges raised $120,000.

Student organization “Supporting Peers In Laidback Listening” is planning on participating in the plunge.

“We want to spread the word about us [The SPILL Organization] and also try and help out Special Olympics and have a fun time doing something crazy,” Greg Federspiel said. “I hope to experience a fun time and socialize with other student organizations and do it for a good cause.”

Federspiel says our unusual warm Wisconsin winter may have a positive impact on affecting the polar plunge event this year.

“I think if anything it will make the jump a lot easier,” Federspiel said. “I think it will make more people want to jump and hopefully recruit more people to donate more and participate.”

SPILL is an online counseling organization new to the university. It is set up to allow students to vent anonymously through their webpage about any problem and within 24 hours, SPILL will try to give at least six to eight responses back to positively help that person out, Federspiel said.

Donations can be made on the Special Olympics website or at the Polar Plunge event from noon to 3 p.m. at the Cravath Lake lakefront.

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