UWW App Connects Campus


Bryce Gill

ICIT tech support, Peyton Seefeldt, is pictured on the phone offering assistance.

Brion Nash, Staff Reporter

UW-Whitewater is known as a campus of innovation. To contribute to this innovation, the university has created a new app that aims to guide both new and returning students for the 2019-2020 academic year.

The new app is free to any iPhone or Android user and can be found in either app store. Informative flyers have been posted throughout campus to alert new students about the change.

ICIT help desk tech, Cal Loofbourrow said, “It incorporates things that Canvas can’t do. For example, Canvas doesn’t have a campus map. It is basically the combination of Canvas and WINS. They tried to put everything in one convenient place for us.”

The new UW-Whitewater app helps our campus advance faster than ever and allows students to connect faster and easier than ever before. However, it also benefits the professors and other staff members.

Whitewater Student Government Vice President, Alex Ostermann said, “Faculty can use the app to connect to students, making sure deadlines are in, and they can track attendance if they are working outside of the classroom.”

 Students have taken well to the app and seem to love the new options available on it.

“I love the app, it’s a new thing and it’s very useful. I feel I can almost accomplish any on-campus task through this app,” senior John Marshall said.

Through the app, students have a direct route to the library to check out, academic advising, WINS, the shuttle bus, dining services, and so many opportunities which makes the student experience easier.

“It makes it easy to figure out what events are going down at the UC or if we have a football game coming up or something like that,” said Cal.

Not only can Whitewater’s main campus reach this app, the students of the UW- Rock County campus can also utilize the app.

“Now that I have access to this app, it’s like I’m an official UWW student,” UW- Rock County freshman Gale Brian said. “Even if I want to make it to a UWW game, I can look up sporting events and the bus shuttle to make it to those events all throughout the app.”

This upcoming year, UW-Whitewater will be hosting hundreds of events which include Warhawk Career fair, multiple sporting events, and performances in the Center of the Arts. To be more connected and up to date, utilize this new UW-Whitewater app.