Warhawks celebrate homecoming week


Robbie Elsbury Jr.

Members of student organizations run in the bed races.

Olivia Storey, News Editor

Homecoming week is a yearly celebration at UW-W, and it brings many activities for students and student organizations to take part in. Many students participated in the events that Homecoming Steering Committee put on.

Homecoming is an opportunity for bonding, making connections and celebrating your school pride.

Marco Marquez, a graduate student and alumnus of UW-W, shared his feelings about homecoming now that he is no longer an undergraduate student.

“Homecoming this time around feels more special,” he said. “I may have recently graduated from UW-W this past May, but this years’ homecoming feels like it is going to be the best.”

A study night in the UC kicked off the week-long celebration, where students were able to earn points, work on homework and find out who won a seat on homecoming court.

“My favorite part about homecoming is seeing my alumni come back,” said senior Charlie Kudy, a member of the 2019 homecoming court. “[I love] getting to hear their stories about when they were here for school.”

On Tuesday, Oct. 8, another event in the UC added to the homecoming excitement. Indoor games such as billiards, bowling and ping pong were available for students to play, as well as give them another opportunity to score points for the organization they chose to represent for homecoming week.

On Wednesday, Oct. 9, students dressed up in their best UW-W gear for spirit day. Purple shirts, purple hats and even purple pants were sighted all over campus. Not only could students get points for their organization through Whitewater gear, but could also dress up to fit this year’s theme, Warhawks Assemble.

On Thursday, Oct. 10, the bed races and tug-of-war brought out everyone’s competitive side.

“Ever since high school, I really loved the class participation, and I feel like [homecoming] really brings people together,” said junior Jody Wentworth, who participated in the outdoor games with Whitewater Student Government (WSG). “I love homecoming, and I’m competitive.”

For others, events during homecoming week are a way for student organizations to connect and become closer.

“I think that homecoming week is a great time for a little friendly competition,” Kudy, who participated in the games for Delta Chi, said. “And it brings organizations together, and gives them a sense of purpose.”

One of the final events of homecoming week was the talent show. Students and their organizations had a chance to be in the spotlight to showcase a talent of their choosing. Musical acts, comedy skits and solo acts are the most popular every year.

The final event of this year’s homecoming week was the homecoming parade. All of the student organizations that participated in homecoming had the chance to strut down Main Street and show off their amazing organization.

Although the 2019 homecoming week is over, it is safe to assume that the 2020 homecoming week will be here before we know it.