Whitewater American Marketing Association hosts conferences and competitions


Jessica Rawski

Students from the UW-Whitewater chapter of the American Marketing Association pose for a group photo after a weekly meeting Wednesday, Oct. 9.

Jessica Rawski, Biz & Tech Editor

The American Marketing Association (AMA) is a student organization that exists primarily to help marketing majors develop their professional and personal skills. It allows students the chance to gain experience in different aspects of the business world.

“AMA helps with background finances, the membership program, and then we also have sales which competes at different competitions and then we have Social Impact, which helps non-profits.” said Lauren Tripoli, one of the presidents of AMA.

The two presidents of AMA are Lauren Tripoli and Kate Amerling. The organization focuses on the students and allows them to better themselves and prepare for the future. There are lots of opportunities for student involvement.

“We have 5 primary advisers, but everything else is student-based, so they set very high expectations, but I think that’s why we produce results,” said Amerling.

AMA’s high standards is what has made them the largest professional marketing organization in America. There are nearly 400 chapters and 45,000 members.

When asked why he likes AMA, member Chris Hauser said “Networking. That’s definitely a big plus. And job placement.”

AMA also hosts conferences, workshops, and sales pitch competitions. Their most recent event was on October 4th when UW-W hosted their 12th Annual Regional Conference. It featured keynote speakers and multiple competitions. Next, the organization will be holding a sales competition from Oct. 15 through 17.