Time for Halloween fun

Danielle Kronau, Assistant Arts & Rec Editor

It should be a requirement that everyone dresses up in their costumes on Halloween and that everyone attends class in their costumes, because it would prove many adults wrong that by high school or college we aren’t too old to dress up. Not only that, but it would also really bring the spirit of Halloween to campus and it would definitely make the holiday experience a lot more fun.

Personally for me, what I love the most about dressing up is having the ability to make my costume as original as possible and not going out and buying myself one. I like being able to use my own creativity because I love the idea of showing my creation off to other people and the best and most fun way to do it, I feel, is by trick-or-treating. However, there are many moments where I feelI cannot look forward to dressing up anymore as a college student because trick-or-treating for older age groups is frowned upon. Because this is a fun holiday, all age groups should be able to dress up and show off their creativity in different ways without criticism from others. Parents and other adults should not frown on the idea of us still putting our time into maybe not only dressing up but also getting candy from houses.

If college students and other older age groups in school cannot go out and trick-or-treat unless they bring their kids along, the school campus should definitely allow the students a chance to show off their creativity. If students can’t go out trick-or-treating without looking weird to some people, then perhaps classes can give us that chance by allowing costumes in class.

– Danielle Kronau

Assistant Arts & Rec Editor