Org of the Week: Communicating Health in Practice (CHIP)


photo courtesy of CHIP

The Royal Purple contacted Emma O’Connor, co-president and social media coordinator for the Communicating Health in Practice(CHIP) organization here on campus to try and find out more about the organization

Royal Purple:  What is the primary mission of the CHIP organization here on campus?

Emma O’Connor: [We] provide networking and community involvement opportunities for students interested in pursuing health and or communication-related careers after graduation.

Royal Purple: What would you say are the biggest benefits of being in CHIP?

Emma O’Connor: The biggest benefits of being in CHIP are that we hear from health and communication guest speakers, network with professionals and alumni for possible job/internship opportunities and participate in professional development workshops.

Royal Purple: Can CHIP help you land a job after graduation?

Emma O’Connor: Yes! I have landed an internship for next semester and have made multiple connections with individuals and corporations. This has given me the opportunity my senior year to branch and reach out to people who have come in to talk to CHIP and given me a great resume builder and continue to give me great opportunities for potential jobs. Our whole purpose is to get students ready for graduation and life after it such as doing resume building workshops to networking and building connections.

Royal Purple:  In regards to campus, what does CHIP do to help promote student wellness?

Emma O’Connor: CHIP works in multiple ways to help promote student wellness on campus. Nicole Rainey and myself (Emma O’Connor) are the SPARK interns on campus that work for the American Lung Association to help spread awareness about the harms of vaping and smoking to college students. In addition, we have done organization representation, working with Active Minds, Warhawk Fitness and Aquatics and University Health and Counseling services. [We’ve also] had events such as a screening of One Love and having them come into our meetings, do exercises, participate in discussion and talk with members.

Royal Purple:  What are some fun things students get to participate in if they are a member of CHIP?

Emma O’Connor: We have a lot of fun volunteer opportunities and events that our members and students can participate in. For example, we participated in the Discover Whitewater Series, Apple Crunch, Fight for Air Climb and many more. It is a great way to network with people, build your resume and have fun with your friends.

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