Baby doe update


A memorial is seen at Twin Oaks with a cross, candles and baby related items such as bottles and a stuffed rabbit.

Joshua Stoughton, Assistant Community Editor

On Monday, Mar. 27, the Whitewater Police Department revealed that they have arrested the suspected mother of the baby that was found earlier this month. The name and other information of the woman was not released.

The police department’s update indicated that the 39-year-old Whitewater woman was booked into the Jefferson County jail on Friday for concealing the death of a child and resisting or obstructing the officer. The allegations were handed over to the district attorney’s office for more possible charges.

The arrest comes after the discovery of an infant found in a field on Saturday, March 4, near the Twin Oaks Mobile Home Park. The infant was found at 755 N. Tratt St. in a plastic bag that was placed inside a cardboard box and wrapped in a light-colored shirt. They believe the infant was placed in the field less than 48 hours before being found.

A memorial for the infant was started on the edge of the Twin oaks Mobile Home Park, where visitors to it can leave toys, stuffed animals, flowers and other items in remembrance of the infant.

The Whitewater Police Department a statement following the start of the investigation:

“The Whitewater Police Department also wants to ensure the public is aware of the Safe Haven for Newborns legislation (Wis. Stat. 48.195). This law guarantees the rights of parents relinquishing custody of newborn babies, 72 hours old and younger, anonymously and confidentially. Newborns can be relinquished to a law enforcement officer, emergency medical services practitioner, or hospital staff member without fear of legal consequences.”