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City updates and library planning on expansions

Common Council
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A city of Whitewater citizen Jan Bilgen speaks up about a local issue in the community to the Common Council.

The city manager’s report to the Common Council Tuesday, April 16 involved talks on completing erosion control inspections at six different construction sites, as well as the street crew clearing catch basins. Previous events were discussed, along with possible Irvin L. Young Memorial Library updates. 

Seven police officers from the Walworth County Mobile Field Force have all attended training in getting ready for the Republican National Convention set to be in Milwaukee later this year.

Common Council

There have been talks about a multiple unit development on the Kowalski property located in Whitewater. The Irvin L Young Memorial Library also plans to have expansions. 

“The memorial library was also planning on having a site plan review, there were many questions about the project and the properties surrounding it,” City Manager John Weidl said.

Under the events section, there have been a number of economical developments in collaboration with the CDA who are hosting a table discussion involving landowners, engineers, architects, public officials, developers, bankers, realtors, architects, and others to talk about housing challenges and ways to solve these challenges to make Whitewater housing less of an issue on April 25.

There was an immigration panel scheduled on April 15 which was free for everybody to attend at the Whitewater Community Engagement Center. The panel went into details on the current immigration rate that the town of Whitewater is currently facing and how immigrants can find different ways to come into the United States legally.

Staff and EMS participated in a parade April 3 in support of the national championship UW-Whitewater wheelchair basketball team which was said to be an excellent outreach event.

Brian Schanen is signed into his role for Council District 4.

During the week of the eclipse, the City of Whitewater handed out around 250 kits which had eclipse sunglasses for people to wear as well as hosted a watch party for when the solar eclipse happened outside. 

The Hamilton Room, inside the UWW University Center, is going to be one of the polling places for upcoming elections.

“I spoke with Jan and everything was perfect. It will obviously accommodate us and that’s, we’ve decided to definitely be there for November,” City Clerk Heather Boehm said.

With the polling locations being at UW-Whitewater, it will create a more efficient and more distributed central location for voting as opposed to other places within the city and it will also help the integrity and security of the electoral process.

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