Gifted basketball player reaches new year goals

Ross Guyette, Assistant Sports Editor

Doing it big takes on another meaning when you’re 7 feet tall, casting a big shadow filled with expectation and promise. There is no doubt that there is a gift bestowed upon someone with that kind of physical stature – something David Grintjes knows all too well. Sophomore center and transfer student from Minnesota Moorehead, Grintjes, wasn’t sure where his career was going. A year ago he wasn’t in the playing shape that he desired and wasn’t putting himself in a position to help his team win.

“Getting my team in a position to compete in the NCAA tournament motivates me to achieve goals, dig deeper and  prove myself,” Grintjes said about his desire to help the team.

Grintjes understood that to be the best player for his team he had to change something in his game.

“I worked so hard in the offseason with coach. I would workout three hours a day on the court and in the weight room just to make sure that I am making the best out of myself. Along the way I created a new me with a strong work ethic, knowing that I don’t need to be the loudest person in the room but the hardest worker and doing that will rub off on others,” said Grintjes.

Grintjes truly had an amazing transformation in the offseason heading into this year, losing a hundred pounds and in the process becoming sharper than ever before, ready to take on all challenges coming his way. He attributes his teammates with helping him along.

“My guys helped show me who I can be, who I should be, and I knew that I have potential and I can’t allow what I have to slip away.” David was also confident in his team, “I have so much I want to accomplish with these guys.”

Head coach Pat Miller is always in his players’ corners and propelling them to be their best. Pat heaps praise when it is deserved and no one can deny after such an inspiring transformation, it is deserved, “David has been working his tail off, he has put so much time into himself, after seeing guys do stuff like that all you want to do is root for them and see them be the best version of themselves and David is doing just that.”

With time still left at Whitewater, David has set his sights on making the most of his time where hopefully the young team can put together some great seasons. Regardless of what has been going on, the Warhawks have a bright future. This future will hopefully have David leading alongside his fellow brothers in purple and white.