Old member, new goals

Former VP of WSG returns to his role


Catherine Smith

President Ostermann congratulates Vice President Veserat on being voted in by the Senate.

Olivia Storey, News Editor

When Whitewater Student Government (WSG) President Alex Ostermann left his former role as vice president, he knew he needed to pick someone new to fill that role. Ostermann decided to look no further than someone already familiar with the duties of the vice president, Hogan Veserat.

Veserat joined WSG during his freshman year here at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, and loved every aspect of it.

“I went to the first meeting, [but] didn’t run for a seat,” Veserat said. “I went to every meeting until I got a chance to run for a seat in October. I served as an at-large senator for the remainder of that semester, and then in the spring ran as an Esker senator.”

During that spring semester, Veserat was approached by Former President Tom Kind, who asked him to run with him as his vice president. After winning the election, Veserat worked alongside Kind for his sophomore year.

After his term had ended, Veserat took a hiatus from WSG for his junior year, rushing the fraternity Delta Chi as well as working on various other projects.

“It was a good break,” he said. “It was definitely different than Student Government, but the same, in the [sense of] being after a mission.”

Although he had taken time off from being involved, Veserat was happy to return to the organization he once called home.

“I understood that there’s an opportunity to give back, again, to an organization that helped mold me into who I’ve become,” he said. “My first involvement on campus, as a freshman, was impactful. The opportunity to come back as a leadership role, to be there to help any younger [members] that are starting out…that’s what it’s all about.”

Veserat stated that the reason WSG was such an important part of his college career was due to the people. He discussed the members of WSG who care deeply about this university and the students who attend it, and the way the organization makes those involved feel.

“It’s contagious, that feeling that you’re giving back,” he said. “Just belonging to something bigger than yourself, it’s a really neat thing. Even as a senator, you’re in meetings with people high up in the administration. You can meet the chancellor at your first meeting at WSG. That’s really cool for a student. On top of that, being surrounded by such great people, all of them so friendly and there for the right reasons, it’s a win-win.”

Veserat is excited to continue the work that WSG has done so far this year, and looks forward to future projects that the organization will work on to continue to expand the university.

WSG meets every Monday night at 7 p.m. in UC 259. Veserat encourages students to attend the meetings, but if WSG is not the right path for them, that involvement of any kind on campus is impactful and beneficial.