Sports editor signs off on Whitewater experience

Ethan Maurice, Sports Editor

As the Spring 2020 semester comes to a close, graduating seniors like me will leave Whitewater’s campus to head into an uncertain world. The threat of COVID-19 may have ruined the last half of some seniors’ semesters, but before the campus was abandoned it was a place with many good faces.

My time on this campus was shorter than most. After arriving as a transfer student from Madison College, I was quickly thrown in the thick of things. My first semester saw five classes with five new professors, including Dr. David Wachanga, my teacher for Media Ethics. He was one of the toughest teachers I’ve ever had, but I learned many things in his lectures. He taught that an ethical person is one who makes decisions based on the effects one’s actions have upon others. I’ve kept this with me ever since.

That first semester was difficult. I went from living rent-free at my parents’ house to having a $400 rent payment every month. I needed a job and got one as a part of the Catering Department in the University Center.

My bosses, Leah & Emily, worked me harder than I wanted too, but not harder than I could. It was always enjoyable. This job helped me focus on attaining my goal of getting a college degree. Goals like that aren’t attained without busywork. It wasn’t too hard of a job, and it gave me face time with many of the campus’s most influential members. I even got to meet Chancellor Watson a few times!

I also was hired in the UW-W Rec Sports Department. As a member of the public relations team, I had to stay up-to-date on what was going on in the Williams Center. The job forced me to get back into fitness, part of my life I hadn’t kept up with after I stopped playing three sports a year in high school.

Rec Sports gave me the confidence to get back in the gym. At first, working out next to Stagg Bowl football players is intimidating, but I stuck with it and found my own lane. I’ve now shaved three minutes off my mile time, with more to come hopefully. I also started an online fitness video series called “Bedroom Fitness.” Turns out, I’m not an internet fitness guru. One of the best parts about Whitewater is they allow you to fail. Failing at internet fitness fame helped me to regather my energy, and focus on what I’ve always wanted to be.

The last year of my experience at UW-W was defined by my role as Sports Editor at the Royal Purple. I had dreamed of getting to cover Whitewater football since high school, and this job helped me on my way to becoming a sports writer. In September, I didn’t possess the leadership and teamwork skills required to excel at the job. Progress in these areas was slow, but eventually, I believe that the position molded me into a more effective leader, something I had always struggled at.

Attending the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater was difficult for me, probably more difficult than it needed to be. It forced me to grow stronger, which I did. The most important thing I learned is to not fret at difficulty, it’s only the precursor to success.

Ethan Maurice
Sports Editor