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Royal Purple

1980’s rock band changes its game

In Bon Jovi’s new album, he sings about the pandemic and how it impacted America.
The Bon Jovi rock band released its 15th album
November 8, 2020

Bon Jovi (John Bongiovi) is a famous rocker from the 1980’s producing hit albums like Runaway, Livin’ on a Prayer and Keep the Faith. In 2018, he and his band were inducted into the Rock n’ Roll...

Bringing the community together

Bringing the community together
October 11, 2020

Community needs community. This has been the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater’s Honors Program mantra during this unprecedented time. With the influx of students contracting Covid-19 and having to...


Dressed as the Pokemon character Pikachu, UW-Whitewater junior Jasmine Gilling sets out on her longboard from Anderson Library on October 31, 2017.  Jasmine said Halloween is the perfect day to enjoy her love of costumes. (UW-Whitewater photo/Craig Schreiner)

Whitewater Parks and Recreation moves forward with Halloween
October 11, 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic creeps into the Halloween season, community members wonder about what the outcome of Halloween will be this year. During the city of Whitewater’s virtual Common Council meeting...

Community Town Hall seeks COVID solutions

Interim Provost Greg Cook
October 4, 2020

The city of Whitewater and the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater showed unity in their collaboration to find solutions for issues related to COVID-19. A Community Town Hall was led by City Manager...

Whitewater Student Government checks in on COVID-19 efforts

Whitewater Student Government checks in on COVID-19 efforts
Increase in antigen testing
October 4, 2020

The UW-Whitewater Student Government (WSG) met virtually on Sept. 28 with an appearance made by Interim Provost Greg Cook to discuss the number of students being tested for COVID-19, and how they plan...

Out-of-state students denied COVID-19 testing at Jefferson County Fair Park

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Artanya Wesley says out-of-state students should not be turned away from COVID-19 testing at the Jefferson County Fair Park in a Chancellor Chat held Sept. 24.
Chancellor Chat answers questions from campus
September 28, 2020

The Jefferson County Health Department and National Guard are providing COVID-19 testing at Jefferson County Fair Park, but some students were denied from receiving a test. Pandemic guidelines, spring...

WIAC suspends winter sports

UW-Whitewater Men's Basketball plays UW-La Crosse Jan. 15 2020. This year's winter sports are delayed to begin until Jan. 1.
Winter sports suspended until the end of the year
September 27, 2020

The Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference sent out a statement announcing the suspension of all winter sports competitions until the end of 2020. The suspension of winter sports comes after a careful...

Students around system react to pandemic

Clem Hall is available for students who need to quarantine with the help of University Housing and University Health & Counseling Services.
September 27, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic moved UW System classes, residence halls and even whole campuses online for some duration this fall. Every school and student across the state is affected in some way. “I enjoyed...

Academic Staff Assembly begins spring break plans

Academic Staff Assembly begins spring break plans
September 27, 2020

The UW-Whitewater Academic Staff Assembly (ASA) met to discuss spring break plans, enrollment and class audits at the bi-weekly Sept. 23 meeting.  There was wide-spread concern over the possibility...

Handling COVID correctly

The Black Sheep farm-to-table restaurant uses extensive sanitary measures to keep employees and customers healthy.
How downtown restaurant keeps employees and customers safe
September 27, 2020

With serious concern regarding students' health and safety off campus during the pandemic, The Black Sheep isn't taking any risks with employees or customers. The restaurant serves farm-to-table food in...

Greek life rethinks recruitment in pandemic

The UW-W Delta Chi Fraternity poses for a picture with their 2020 Region V Chapter Awards.
September 20, 2020

Greek Life at UW-Whitewater is venturing into new territory this fall as leaders attempt to recruit new members in the midst of a pandemic and abide by rules and restrictions put in place by local government...

Campus, city discuss rise in student COVID-19 cases

The Whitewater Common Council meets to discuss the rise in COVID-19 cases on campus.
Common Council and UW - W plan measures to prevent rise in COVID-19 cases
September 20, 2020

     The Whitewater Common Council met for a special meeting to discuss an ordinance prohibiting mass gatherings following concern over the rise of COVID-19 cases among UW-Whitewater students Sept....

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