“Hello from Harta” exhibit showcases variety of mediums


Nicole Holder, New Generation RV

A close look at an art piece called “Saguaro National Park” is being shown in the Hello from Harta art exhibit at the Whitewater Arts Alliance through Jan. 31. The full mural is a featured installation at New Generation RV in Burlington, Wisconsin.

Caleb Kahila, Assistant Arts & Recreation Editor

The Whitewater Arts Alliance is hosting a virtual art exhibition that will last until January 31 featuring art pieces made by Nicol Holder. The “Hello from Harta” Art Exhibition provides unique pieces of art online to be viewed from the comfort of your own home. 

Holder runs her own part-time business called Harta, where she creates custom art. She also recently accepted the position of manager for the Whitewater Arts Alliance while she studies for her master’s in counseling at UW-W. The exhibition can be viewed at the website https://www.whitewaterarts.org/nicole-holder.

While the exhibition itself was entirely online, the art pieces featured in the gallery are still nonetheless very well made and worth a look at. The art pieces featured a plethora of different and unique styles of art. The styles featured in the gallery in represent a wide range of materials and techniques including murals and photographs. 

While all the art pieces are stunningly well made, one of my particular favorites is the mural painting called “Saguaro National Park,” which as the name would suggest, is a painting of the very real national park located in Arizona. One of the main reasons it managed to get my attention more than the other murals was my fascination with the desert environment of Arizona and the beauty that can come with it, and the mural managed to perfectly capture that.

But of course, there are far more art pieces being featured in the virtual exhibition than just murals. The art exhibition is worth viewing because many of the pieces are made in a unique way such as with charcoal and graphite, and wood burning. Both techniques make for very realistic pieces as well. 

My goal is to help you immortalize loved ones, favorite memories, or unique ideas into pieces of fine art,” says Holder on her Instagram account.

This can clearly be seen by the art pieces shown in the gallery. Ultimately, it appears that there is no political message or some critique on society in her art pieces, but simply a quest to find personal nostalgia in the individuals that view the art pieces themselves.