Rec Sports makes big gains


Ky McCombe

Caroline Casey works out inside the Williams Center weight room.

Caleb Kahila, Assistant Arts and Rec Editor

Just like lifters at the squat rack, Recreation Sports and Facilities is maxing out these days. Students are filling up time slots, coming back for more, and the Williams Center staff is here for it.

“Every one of our sessions for the weight room have been getting maxed out, which shows that students are eager to get out and be as active as possible. Early on we had to figure out modified capacities for our facilities and train our staff on hot wo enforce precautions and talk with our customers,” said assistant director for Intramural and Club Sports Matt Schneider. “The fact that a lot of our students and customers are participating in the facility is a big win for us.”   also said that they are seeing a good amount of participation in all other facilities and rooms despite capacity limits being put in place to ensure COVID guidelines are being met, and on top of that they are also using spare rooms to make sure anyone who register for a gym membership can still get their workouts and recreational activities done with. “The fact that a lot of our students and customers are still participating in the facility is a big win for us.”

In an ironic twist, many students are actually really enjoying the circumstances of the pandemic that have given them more time to focus on improving their physical fitness. The scheduled times to workout, less busy facilities and more structured rules are motivating Warhawks to hit the gym. 

“Ironically, the pandemic has made me spend more time here, both for my classes and for the weight room,” said Jeton Dehari. “Part of coming here is so that I can also hang out with my friends whenever I can.” 

Students are becoming quite the gym rats making gains across the board as they rack up the weights. With a lot of other amenities closed or move online, Williams Center customers appreciate still having a gym to spend time in.  students like Seth Johnson are still coming to the facility to use the weight room.

“While I use other parts of the fitness center, I’d have to say that I use the weight room the most,” said Seth Johnson. “I have classes here, I work here, and I like to hang out with my friends here the most and have fun.”

Ultimately, students at the university want to get out and be active. Nowhere is that more exemplified than in Recreation Sports and Facilities. 

“We are here. Our students are here,” said Schneider. “We want to work out and recreate, and if we can keep doing that then that’s a big win for us.”