What makes Whitewater so special?


UW-W senior finance major Ben Nackel takes a walk down the streets of Whitewater on a sunny winter day.

Jacob Bessette, Journalist

The students of UW-Whitewater enrolled during this spring 2021 semester are living here in a very unique time. The regular campus life and daily delights of the city are out of sorts due to what is going on in the world. 

Life, however, does go on. This includes the routines of students’ everyday lives that allow them to still experience Whitewater. Perhaps never before has a semblance of “normal” been so appreciated. A few were happy to speak about how thankful they are for the campus and community.  

“I think for me it’s the sense of everyone kind of being in this together… it’s like its our own little community,” said senior finance major Ben Nackel.  

Nackel has been relieved with how professors have kept in touch through his classes despite the drop off in face-to-face interactions. He appreciates their devotion and increased attention to the needs of students through these strange times. 

While some students emphasized the academic side of Whitewater, others praised the recreational and day-to-day life of the campus. 

“I definitely appreciate that the school has been able to keep a lot of the on-campus stuff. For me it’s the Williams Center and the weight room – for them to stay on top of things so that we still get to use the gym is awesome,” said senior business major Tristan Koepsel. 

Koepsel was worried at the start of last semester that he wouldn’t have access to a lot of the amenities the campus has to offer. He’s been pleasantly surprised and appreciative of all the hard work that staff have undergone to keep UW-W a place that feels welcoming.

And people feel that way about the city community as well. For many, the city and campus are important partners for everyone to appreciate.  

“I think it’s cool that I can go down Main Street and find a new place to try, or go for hikes or even go to the lake,” said sophomore Sara Welch.

She enjoys eating out at different downtown restaurants and especially hiking the nearby Ice Age Trail in warmer seasons.  

“I mean honestly I just like that even without a car it’s not too much of a chore to go around campus or somewhere in town,” said senior Zack Murray.

Murray appreciates the simple staples that the city has to offer and the conveniences in the area. 

People have a lot to appreciate about both the UW-Whitewater campus and the city of Whitewater. For them, it’s easy to see what makes Whitewater so special.