Let’s hang out!


Hang Glide Wisconsin in flight

Hannah Avdic, Business and Technology Editor

Have you ever wanted to see campus from a bird’s eye view? Imagine soaring high above Perkin’s stadium, Andersen Library or even spotting the building you live in. 

Mark your calendars because on June 1, Hang Glide Wisconsin will open their season and give you the opportunity to fly over campus and the surrounding area. On a clear day, you may even be able to see Holy Hill in Hubertus or the cooling towers of Byron, Illinois.

“The feeling of soaring like an eagle is very stimulating,” explains Dale Maas, who’s gone hang gliding since 1974. 

But hang gliding isn’t just for those familiar with the sport. Hang gliding is an experience open to everyone. 

“Because we take off and land on wheels, a sack of potatoes can do this. We have taken both paraplegics and quadriplegics and people from age 8 to 88,” explains owner Daniel Lange. 

He also explains what happens during a flight. Each individual is paired up with an experienced instructor and towed behind a small plane called a tug, at this point things are moving at about 35 mph. Once released from the tug, things slow down into the low 20s but can vary between 0-45 mph. Most customers are able to sit back and relax as they soar over the earth and take in the scenery. Some customers choose to relax during this experience while others prefer a more roller coaster ride experience towards the ground. Landing is similar to landing in a plane, flyers will not actively participate in any way, because the wheels take on the burden. 

There are a number of different options for flight. If one wishes to do a discovery flight, meaning a one time “test run,” they have the option of picking an altitude, ranging from 2,000 ft to 5,280 ft. The higher the altitude, the longer the experience, the mile high option is estimated to last between 30-45 minutes, while the 2,000 ft flight is estimated at about half of that. Customers can also purchase a media package or video package, to record this unique experience. 

“These prices don’t surprise me at all. It’s a complicated sport and a lot goes into it. Although the price is high, I’m sure it’s comparable to a similar experience elsewhere,” states outdoorsmen Mac Weast, who would love to give Hang Glide Wisconsin a try this summer. 

Hang Glide Wisconsin is invited to participate in an Experimental Aviation Association (EAA) event taking place from July 26 to August 1 in Oshkosh. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about everything from aviation ultralights to the B1 Bomber. Visit EAA.ORG/Airventrue for more details on the event. 

“There’s nothing that compares to hang gliding, if you want to soar like a bird,” states Lange. With this opportunity just minutes away from campus, what’s stopping you!

Hang gliders ready for take-off.