Warhawks start off strong on the diamond


Ky McCombe

Sophomore Outfielder Matt Korman (19) attempts to hit the baseball during the Warhawks home opener. The team played a doubleheader against UW-Stevens Point winning both games.

Nay Salter, Assistant Sports Editor

The men’s baseball team competed in two games on March 20th against UW-Stevens Point and pulled two consecutive wins leaving the Warhawks proud of their team. 

The Warhawks were ready to dive right into the season and were beyond excited to compete in their first games of the season. Each game intensified and left the Warhawks having to make some last minute adjustments, but even with all that they achieved two wins on the same day. 

Junior pitcher Westin Muir (18) throws a pitch during the Warhawks home opener against UW-Stevens Point, Saturday, March 20. (Kylie McCombe)

“Scoring six runs in the first inning definitely showed the level of excitement and energy we had after waiting to play for so long. Winning the first two games is a good start, but we are aware of the mistakes we made and we are ready to work and improve and that is what motivates this group,” said jersey number 21 Bryan Sturdevant. 

The Warhawks went into the first inning with positive energy and excitement to jump start the rest of the game. With this energy and atmosphere created by the team, the Warhawks managed to score six runs in the first inning leaving both the crowd and the team shocked. Other highlights from the first game include Nick Santro was at bat five times and scored two runs, the team totaled 37 times at bat, they totaled 9 runs, and totaled 14 hits during this game. The Warhawks won the first game 9-4 and soon after prepared to play another game. 

Junior Catcher Ryan Norton (29) sprints across the field after hitting the baseball during the Warhawks game against UW-Stevens Point. (Kylie McCombe)

“I think if today put anything into perspective it’s that we got to come in and keep working and competing everyday. We have a lot of talen on this team from top to bottom, but at the end of the day we’re playing baseball and as a team we will control what we can. We still have a lot of the season and a lot to look forward too,” said jersey number 19 Matt Korman. 

Continuing their winning streak the Warhawks got back on the field to play another long game. Once again the Warhawks were hyped up and ready to take on whatever challenges came their way. The Warhawks did get off to a rough start not being able to score any runs during the first three innings, but they quickly got back up and scored a total of six runs during the back half of the game. The team was at base a total of 30 times, they had a total of eight hits, and ended the game with a winning score of 6-4.

Junior pitcher Westin Muir (18) prepares to pitch the baseball during the Warhawks home opener against the Pointers. (Kylie McCombe)

“I think the team played well overall. The goal each day is to come away with 2 victories and we were able to do that today. We bounced back well from our exhibition game in Minnesota. We clutched up when we needed to and put together 2 good games today,” said jersey number one Zach Campbell. 

The Warhawks will continue to go into each game with positive energy and work together to win games in the future. The next time the Warhawks play will be March 23rd against UW-Oshkosh.