Health on campus


Ky McCombe

Cindy Millian, an Ambrose Medical Health Assistance Employee carefully sanitizes the room to get ready for its next patient, Thursday, April 1.

Nichole Learman, Journalist

The Ambrose Health Center provides physical and mental care throughout the academic year for students to ensure a healthy stay on campus.

The University Health and Counseling Services (UHCS) specializes in treating college students. They will take care of coughs, wound care, wellness exams, illness, minor injuries and sexual health. ‘All needs a student may need, the UHCS ensures students are well taken care of,’  nurse practitioner Melissa Miller said.

“We want to provide the best care we can for the students,” said Miller.

UHCS demonstrated commitment through their various services. Some of the services offered include transgender and non-binary student care, diversity seminars for counseling interns, LGBTQ plus support groups and their diversity committee. Their main goal is to provide the best care for each student’s individual needs.

Cindy Millian, an Ambrose Health Employee meticulously washes her hands to stay clean amidst Covid-19, Thursday, April 1. (Kylie McCombe)

The clinic provided students with medication that is commonly used on campus such as antibiotics, creams and birth control through its own dispensary.

During the pandemic, the clinic made sure that students received the care they needed in the safest way possible.

UHCS also provided an opening plan where they designated two separate hallways for students. One hall is used for well visits and one for sick visits. The clinic installed doorbells for patients to ring once they arrived and were met at the door by a physician. They also keep their appointments staggered and patients are required to wear masks upon entry.

During the pandemic, UHCS has also provided all students and employees with testing, contact tracing, and vaccination as needed,” said wellness coordinator Erica Fischer.

Even though the clinic provides care primarily for the students, they also conduct blood pressure tests, flu shots and first aid for the staff on campus.

Ambrose Health Center offers many services for all enrolled students to partake in such as addressing any immediate physical or mental concerns, Thursday, April 1. (Kylie McCombe)

Students can make appointments by calling the number 262-472-1300 or when they are not open students can make an appointment by clicking the “My UHCS” link on the right of their website at To set an appointment students must enter their university-assigned username and password to access their secure Electronic Medical Records portal. However, online booking cannot be used to make certain appointments such as cough and cold symptoms.

The UHCS offers a direct testing clinic for a quick and easy process for students to get STI tests. The clinic encourages students to come to them for STI testing. It is important to make sure students are being safe and treated with great care, MD physician Elizabeth Brownell said.

The clinic does not take insurance. They try to keep prices low for students at around $10-$15 and no copay. However, they provide a family planning online service where students can apply if they wish to use their family’s insurance. International students are offered a separate plan. Appointments can be charged to student accounts. Everything is confidential, so the billing statement won’t say what the student was in there for.

“Our goal is to please and make things easier for students by keeping all their appointments just between them and the physician,” said Brownell.