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Student praises current resources

December 9, 2019

Every undergraduate and graduate student on campus experiences stress during their college career. Some students may find it difficult to cope with this newfound stress and may resort to unhealthy coping mechanisms. These coping mechanisms can include drinking to avoid their feelings, skipping classes which...

UHCS opens new relaxation room for all

The relaxation room is a spot on campus equipped with comfy chairs, a stereo, blankets and optional light therapy session to keep students safe from stress.

Jackson Mihm, Assistant News Editor

September 24, 2019

The start of school can be known for bringing about unwanted ailments. Fortunately, here at UW-Whitewater there is an entire department focused on the mental and physical health of our students, faculty and staff. University Health and Counseling Services (UHCS) implemented a relaxation room in the...

Natural gas leak causes brief evacuations at UW-W campus

Crews from WE Energies survey the scene of a gas leak as they work to fix the issue Tuesday, Feb. 6.

February 6, 2018

A natural gas leak near Starin Road caused brief evacuations from several campus buildings at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, university officials and campus police confirmed. Upham Hall, Ambrose Health Center and the University Bookstore were placed under evacuation orders just after 1 ...

Students create vaccination study

Seniors Jacques LaReau and Trevor Beckmann sift through vaccination research together in the UC.

Kolton Hegstrom, Assistant News Editor

May 3, 2017

Over 60 percent of UW-Whitewater students did not receive their flu vaccination during the 2016-2017 school year according to a new study done by two students. UW-Whitewater Seniors Jacques LaReau and Trevor Beckmann, both Biology majors, did a survey of 1,185 Whitewater students to find out if stude...

Fact or fiction: Myths behind common cold

Melissa Buss

November 6, 2013

  By Haley Beets   As winter approaches, so does the threat of coming down with a cold or flu. In a college setting, a case of the sniffles can spread easily and evolve into a crippling sickness in close living and classroom conditions. Dr. Donene Rowe has seen many cold ...

Ask a Counselor

October 23, 2013

  Advice from Whitney Henley, Welness Coordinator   What is an important health habit for college students to follow? Trouble sleeping can be very frustrating, especially in the context of a busy college lifestyle. But the good news is, there are lots of simple changes to try th...

New position offers behavioral screening


February 20, 2013

  UHCS now offers intervention services to students   University Health CenterĀ  & Counseling Services will now be offering behavioral screening and intervention services (BSI) which helps reduce binge drinking, drug abuse and improve depression. UHCS Health Service Direc...

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