Tips to stay healthy thru flu season


Jasmine Pickett smiles for a photo to represent Ambrose Health Services (photo provided by Jasmine Pickett)

Rori Leonhard, Assistant Lifestyle Editor

Rain or shine; snow or rain, it is important to take proper care of your body. There are numerous ways to catch an illness on campus, but there are just as many precautions to avoid these obstacles. Understanding the aspects of avoiding illness can help you safely navigate your life while living on campus. 

“On average during fall, we are seeing twenty students a day (exhibiting cold symptoms), and we’ve been seeing more students in general this year than we have the last two years,” Medical Director Quinn Burton said. 

Safety precautions such as washing your hands and eating a vitamin-essential diet provide necessary defense against illness, which is more important now than ever. Routine illnesses such as Strep Throat, Mono, and Influenza are accompanied by Covid-19 and a few more rapidly approaching viruses are roaming about campus, skyrocketing the amount of health cases Ambrose Health Services see on a daily basis.

“It (the Wellness site on Cold and Flu) gives students information about when to seek healthcare or services here, what symptoms they may experience with cold versus flu, and what they should be looking for,” Wellness Coordinator Jasmine Pickett said. “The Wellness aspect is really providing information about how to stay healthy.”

The Wellness peer educators also host presentations around campus that supply classrooms and students with information such as sexual health, mental health, substance abuse like alcohol and drugs.  For more information about current illnesses, visit or reach out to your current medical provider.