Warhawks touch it down for another win


Ky McCombe

Junior Running back Ryan Ponick (27) escapes the crowd with the ball in Perkins Stadium during the game against Berry college, Saturday, Sept. 18, 2021.

Nay Salter, Sports Editor

Another day, another victory for the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater’s football team. The team competed in their second home game of the season against Berry on Sept. 18. The team pulled another victory win with a final score of 39-7. 

This game was different from the last home game the Warhawks played in. At this exciting game, more of the younger guys got to get in on some action. The offense also stepped up and pushed hard and  made multiple carries which helped in the teams victory. The Warhawks had a total of 450 yards of offence, 257 passing yards, 193 rushing yards, and 6-55 penalty yards. The Warhawks had a total of 23 first downs, 7-13 third downs, and the two teams tied with 2-2 fourth downs. 

“We played a very good team yesterday and we were able to really take the ball away from them at the end of the first half. That to me was really kind of the story of that game and after that we were just able to maintain that momentum and secure that momentum from the first half into the second half and that was the key. Taking away the ball and keeping the momentum,’ said Head Coach of the Men’s football team Kevin Bullis. 

To kick start the game and the clock set at 5:38, senior and quarterback Max Meylor made a complete 33 yard pass to junior and wide receiver Tyle Holte. The team had a total of 80 yards and 10 plays at this time and ended this quarter already ahead with a score of 6-0. Meylor upped his game this weekend. He made a total of 16-of-26 complete passes for 256 yards and scored three touchdowns. Holte also took it to the next level this weekend. He caught three passes for 68 yards and scored two touchdowns. 

“You know Max’s consistency and that’s what really counts…obviously last year we didn’t have any games, but he took advantage of his opportunities and the training that we had last year together to get the timing down in the offense and that’s what it really is…not you knowing what to run, but the timing of it…his consistency is fantastic,” said Bullis. 

Continuing their winning streak, the team played consistently during the second quarter as well. With the clock set to 10:42 Meylor made a complete 13 yard pass to sophomore and wide receiver Sam DeLany. There were 11 plays with 81 yards. With only 1:34 left on the clock, freshman and kicker Kacper Lupa kicked a 24 yard field goal. There were nine plays with 73 yards. The team kept going and with the clock set to 0:45, senior and running back Alex Peete made a two yard run giving the team more yards. There were two plays and 10 yards. Now the clock is set at 0:32 and the Warhawks are fighting against time. Meylor made another 13 yard complete pass to Holte, Lupa made another kick, and the team made one play with 13 yards to end the second quarter. The team left this quarter still in the lead with a score of 30-0. 

“I think I had my best game so far. I was 1/1 on my field goal from 25 yards, and 3/4 on points after touchdown. The one miss was blocked due to a mess up from the front line but that’s an easy fix in practice this week. I also had 2 touchbacks today which was something the we have been working toward from the start of the season,” said Freshman and Kicker/Punter Kacper Lupa. 

After the halftime show the Warhawks were more than ready to get back to playing. To start off the third quarter at 9:21 Peete made another one yard run gaining some yards for the team. There were 10 plays and 40 yards at this time. Peete carried the team this weekend. He carried a team-high 16 times for 55 yards and scored two touchdowns. The team, still in the lead, ended third quarter with a score of 36-0. 

“I feel like I did good. I took advantage of the opportunities I had and ran behind the line. They’ve been working really well on the lines and they’ve been working really well as a unit and their gaining some of that chemistry so I feel like the line as a unit and myself worked very well today and all the running backs did as well,” said Senior and runningback Alex Peete. 

To end the game on a high note, the clock was set at 8:05 and freshman and kicker/punter Matt Maldonado made a 13 yard field goal. There were 14 plays and 60 yards at this time. The Warhawks had 122 rushing yards on 15 carries and held the ball for more than 11 minutes during this quarter to ensure their lead. The team ended the game with a victory of 39-7. The next time fans will get to see the football team play will be on Oct. 2 against UW-Stout. for their Alumni day. Go Warhawks!