Whitewater clubs looking forward to the winter

Brian Gale, Arts & Recreation Journalist

As the weather gets colder and winter quickly approaches, clubs in Whitewater are looking forward to adapting to the upcoming season.

The ski and snowboarding club is a newer club that travels to different ski resorts around the area. President of the club Tyler Gavin, is excited for the winter so they can get started. “Since we need snow to go down the slopes we have to wait until winter comes around and there is not much we can do until the first snowfall or once the resorts start creating snow,” says Gavin. “One of my favorite parts of the winter is that I enjoy seeing my friends and other members trying something new, new tricks or simply trying to ski or snowboard for the first time.” Since the club is new and because of covid restrictions, they haven’t been able to do as much as they want to do. This year they hope to do more with less restrictions.

However, some clubs aren’t necessarily built for the cold weather and snow. The outdoor adventure club’s Bella Portale says that they face some challenges during the winter. “Our club meets on Wednesday nights at 8:30 PM, and it’s dark at that time, and normally pretty cold.” says Portale “So when it gets towards winter, people don’t want to come out to a physical meeting as much. So, I guess that’s probably the biggest challenge.” 

The outdoor club still has some activities they like to do in the winter. They have also been trying to plan some trips during the season. “We’ve talked about different trips of going up to places like the Apostle islands and stuff like that, cause it’s really cool in the winter there,” said Portale. 

If you are looking for something to do this winter and you love the outdoors, you can join these clubs by just contacting the presidents of the club.