A one of a kind veteran-owned business

A one of a kind veteran-owned business

Cennedy Hoppe, Business & Technology Editor

For the upcoming holiday of Veterans Day, it is important to recognize the individuals in our community that have served for the United States. Station One, located in downtown Whitewater, is a locally owned bar-restaurant combo that has an exciting theme that represents the establishment similar to a fire station. The owner, Patrick Wellnitz, is a former volunteer firefighter and Veteran. He runs this bar-restaurant with his wife Diane Wellnitz, and with two other businesses right next door, they own and operate Whitewater Travel Services as well as Wellnitz Tax and Accounting. 

Patrick Wellnitz himself is a veteran who served in the United States Airforce, the Air National Guard, and the Army National Guard, serving from 1982-1995. After his service he was a volunteer firefighter for the city of Whitewater. He has acted on many calls and some being from the UW-Whitewater campus. Whether it be fires, faulty alarms, or Cinco de Mayo mishaps, Wellnitz and his team were on the case. 

“It’s always a good feeling to help people,” said Wellnitz.

Wellnitz enjoys talking about his volunteer days and the feeling of helping the people in his community which inspires the decor of Station One. 

The decor of the 12 year old bar-restaurant was also influenced by one of Wellnitz’s friends as well as his time serving for the Whitewater Fire Department. Some of the decorations inside are actual real fire helmets that were used by Wellnitz himself. The bar is made up of cut up fire hoses varnished inside wood. The establishment definitely gives off a fire-station vibe. While these decorations are fascinating, the bar also has specialized and labeled mugs hung on the wall for each of their customers who buy one. This action shows how much they value the people who stop into their establishment. Wellnitz says there are about two or more veterans who visit there daily who usually come to socialize over some beers and chicken tenders.

Another great attribute to this establishment is that all of the bartending staff are UWW students. Many of which enjoy the flexible hours and meeting all the customers who come in to soak up the one of a kind atmosphere and good company. 

Stop into Station One this Veteran’s day to support a local business to relax, have a drink, get some good food, and not to mention some thank you kisses from Wellnitz’s one year old beagle/ bar dog, Annie.  

Station One, a popular hang out for many service members and veterans lights up Main Street, Friday, Nov. 5 , 2021. (Ky McCombe)