Whitewater Advertising Association brings attention to businesses

Cennedy Hoppe, Business & Technology Editor

The Whitewater Advertising Association (WAA) is a student-run organization in which members work with real clients in Wisconsin to help advertise businesses and much more.
The advisor Michael Betker is a current instructor in the Communication Department on campus. WAA is run with the oversight of Presidents Izzy Ripp and Regina Rose.

WAA serves the business community by providing assistance in promoting them through tools such as social media campaigns, graphic designs or logos, websites and so much more. WAA has four clients currently that are assigned to the individuals in this organization. The people who are assigned to a specific client have three different jobs to choose from: account manager, copy writer and graphic designer, but no prior experience is required. WAA also offers internship programs in which students in the association can get paid and receive college credit for working with their clients. 

“Our goal is to prepare our members for the advertising world with unique and formative experiences, similar to that of a full service advertising agency,” Betker said, opening up about how WAA is all about teaching their students what it’s like having a real advertising or marketing career. 

A variety of speakers are invited to discuss the pathways they took to obtain their current careers with the members of the organization. Agency tours are also available throughout the Midwest to visit some of the best advertising agencies in Chicago, Milwaukee and Madison. In addition, there is an annual networking and professional development conference that showcases the intersection between advertising and public relations called Commvergence. This event hosts keynote speakers, break out sessions, sponsorships, professional headshots and more. 

President Ripp has an advertising major and minor in graphic design in progress. Her philosophy for this organization is to provide a safe environment for students to prepare for a successful career. 

“After attending my first WAA meeting, I felt overwhelmed with excitement about my future and the opportunities this organization would provide,” said Ripp. “As president, I strive to reciprocate that feeling of belonging and direction for all WAA members.”

Ripp explained her personal experiences with this organization and how she would like to make her experiences a part of others’ as well. 

Co-President Rose believes that WAA is a fruitful opportunity for students who would like to get on the more creative side of advertising. 

“I feel so prepared and confident for graduation since being with WAA,” Ripp said. 

Being a part of the WAA has made individuals like Rose more confident with their choices in career paths. 

The Whitewater Advertising Association is an organization on campus that is open to all individuals who would like to join. Weekly Wednesday meetings are held in Heide Hall Room 309 at 7 p.m.