Winterfest kicks off spring semester


Felicity Knabenbauer

UC Live staff help a student pick out their materials at the snow globe construction table.

Felicity Knabenbauer, Lifestyle Editor

A little bit of chilly weather won’t keep the good times away from UW-W students heading to the heart of campus on a Friday night. Hundreds of students made the trek January 28 from their dorms and apartments to the University Center where UC Live, a student entertainment group, was hosting the yearly kick off of the spring semester with Winterfest. These events are funded by the students so every effort was made by the staff to ensure to get their perspective on what they wished to be included into the event. What they came up with was a night full of fun, snacks and competition where students could win one thousand dollars worth of prizes.

One area of the UC was reserved for the snow globe making art workshop. Tables were set up for  students to grab a globe along with the materials that would be floating inside of it. Some of the decorations were a pine tree, a penguin with headphones and polar bears wearing scarves and glitter. Not only did students partake in the globe making but also parents and younger siblings as well.

“This is my snow globe. I have got a penguin wearing headphones and a satchel. He is waving with his little fin and there’s a snow covered tree in the background surrounded by glitter and snow,” said junior advertising major Lauren Foster.

A photo booth sat at the ready for students to take goofy photographs with their friends, while Warhawk Alley ensured free access to bowling and billiards throughout the night. 

“The prizes for Warhawk alley were $250 in prizes, a rocket book, a book bag, an air fryer and a big box of Legos, just for fun and playing. All of our student staff came up with the prizes. They also have an iced Mr. Coffee, a mini projector and then a Warhawk Alley bowling and billiards pass, so every time you play something you get an entry to enter in,” said UC services manager, Tonia Kapitan.

One of the most popular events of the night were the two Bingo games, where more than two hundred plus students competed viciously to win the prizes of a record player, Keurig machine, heated blanket and much more throughout the event. While the winter trivia game that was going on at the same time had about half the players, there was still plenty of competition to win the prizes of a portable projector, a Comfy blanket and more.

“No matter what you do, Bingo is always going to be the top thing you go to because first off, everyone loves bingo no matter your age and it’s just something you can put a lot of energy into. It is a great activity in general. The workshop stuff is always a little bit more of an intimate setting because there are multiple steps and not everyone is into the art workshop setting. We wanted to have something for everyone at this event. It depends on who you ask, because everyone has different interests, but I am very partial to Bingo because I am a very competitive person. The adrenaline rush I just love but I think the one that takes the cake for me is going to be the magician because he’s having students come up and be a part of his act and I love that type of stuff. It’s just a great way to get involved with the audience and everything so I am very excited for that portion,” said UC Live student manager Anna Cernohous. 

The final event of the night was when magician, David Seebach, made his grand appearance in the Hamilton room to display a mystical show for the students to awe at and admire. Magician David has a daughter who goes to UW-W making this a very localized and special act for the students.

It’s not every night where students get to take time off thinking about their classes and spend it with others playing exciting games and winning amazing prizes. This night was definitely a welcomed start to the spring semester.

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