Whitewater bars bring the Super Bowl fun


Dauntae Green

SteveO’s Flip Flops and Tank Tops owner Steve Fairchild stands behind the bar ready to serve football fans during the Super Bowl.

Dauntae Green, Managing Editor

There is always a tradition in towns when it comes time for the Super Bowl. Citizens generally patronize the local bars and taverns to get a drink with their friends, shouting during the close plays, shooting some pool, dinners filled with fun finger foods , or just simply having a fun time watching the football game with people. In Whitewater, there are a couple of bars that have plans for the Super Bowl and how they will celebrate with the public on February 13th. The bars that will be celebrating the Super Bowl with the community are Steve O’s Flip Flops and Tank Tops, Ground Zero,  and Brass Rail.

Steve O’s Flip Flops and Tank Tops bar is a bar that was remodeled and is now owned by a new owner who is working on bringing the community together at their bar. They plan on celebrating the Super Bowl in two ways.

“We got free chili dinner, and other goodies for the people. And we also have six TVs for everyone to come watch the game. We hope the community will come to the bar,” said the bar owner Steve Fairchild.

Brass Rail Saloon and Eatery bar that is downtown would be celebrating the Super Bowl in simple ways with the community and working with them to make sure they will have fun.

“We will be watching the game with the people, and be doing touchdown shots for everybody,” said Brass Rail Saloon and Eatery bar worker, Cynthia Kris.

Go out there in some bars with your friends to support the community, to go have some fun, cheer on the football team that you love and want to win. You can do that by doing shots every touchdown, doing drinks of cheers with your friends, having nachos, and getting pizzas to make your day more exciting. Have fun, and be safe out there celebrating the Super Bowl on February 13th!