Dine outdoors as weather warms


Ky McCombe

If the weather isn’t warm enough, Whiney’s Wine and Beer Haus at the Fuzzy Pig has a quiet and cozy atmosphere where guests can sit by the fireplace enjoying a pairing of pizza and wine.

Briahna LeFave, Business & Technology Editor

Spring and summer warmth often leaves us craving fresh, lighter foods and hydrating beverages to help us endure the heat. Revamp Nutrition Whitewater owner Jericca Newby describes a drink that is as healthy as it is delicious.

“A refreshing Blue Lagoon, our number one seller, which tastes like blue lemonade is loaded with B-12 vitamins, has less than one gram of sugar and will give you long lasting energy,” says Newby.

When looking for meals that feel like summer, look no further than Taco Fresco’s Veggie Taco, featuring summer produce favorites-zucchini, mushrooms, peppers and onions.

Revamp Nutrition Whitewater’s Blue Lagoon drink.

Choose house salsa or salsa verde to add an extra summer flare. If your summer favorite happens to be a

classic salad, head to Second Salem Brewing Company to try their Greek salad, featuring several seasonal ingredients such as mixed greens, tomato, cucumber and red onion.
Outdoor dining is another summer staple for many. Restaurants like Taco Fresco and The SweetSpot Cafe offer sidewalk dining, while establishments like 841 Brewhouse, Second Salem Brewing Company, Casual Joe’s and Binggs Farmstead Restaurant offer designated outdoor dining area.

Customers approach The Fuzzy Pig, which features a country store, as well as the popular Whiney’s Wine and Beer Haus that often hosts events such as live music. (Ky McCombe)

The Fuzzy Pig is a neat venue to explore with shopping, food, live music and events. The location features Whiney’s food/wine bar that offers wood-fired pizza, craft beer, and of course lots of wine to taste.
Dining outdoors can provide the perfect setting for combining great food with great company while taking in some much needed sunshine.