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“I think it really does impact the community, there are not many hispanic stores around and helps with setting their foods in the community. A lot  of students come here to get stuff that is exotic. The popular thing here lately are the Rosquillas, its sweet and its really popular right now. You can find a lot of Mexican candy, beer, and hostadas. It is always welcome to everybody,” said La Tienda Mexican San Jose’s business owner, Juana Borras.

More than a store

Juana Borras, owner of La Tienda Mexican San Jose, Contributor September 18, 2022

Question: How does La Tienda Mexicana "San Jose" help create a sense of community for people from Hispanic cultures? Answer: I think it really does impact the community. There are not many Hispanic...

National Cheese Pizza Day

National Cheese Pizza Day

Alyssa Rupiper, Journalist September 4, 2022

Whether it is three in the afternoon or two in the morning, any hour can be pizza hour. September 5, 2022 is National Cheese Pizza Day, so let us go all out this year to celebrate! Pizza is one of the...

If the weather isn’t warm enough, Whiney’s Wine and Beer Haus at the Fuzzy Pig has a quiet and cozy atmosphere where guests can sit by the fireplace enjoying a pairing of pizza and wine.

Dine outdoors as weather warms

Briahna LeFave, Business & Technology Editor March 13, 2022

Spring and summer warmth often leaves us craving fresh, lighter foods and hydrating beverages to help us endure the heat. Revamp Nutrition Whitewater owner Jericca Newby describes a drink that is as healthy...

Staff at the Lamb Chop are ready to serve hungry customers who need a bite late at night.

New restaurant owner takes eats to the streets

Mac Molli, Journalist February 20, 2022

When you’re walking to or from the bars on weekends you might find an aroma of sweet smells that draw you to the corner of W Whitewater St. and S Fremont St. There you will find the Lamb Chop food truck...

Lifestyle Editor Dauntae Green takes a gets good vibes from the Travis Scott meal at the Whitewater McDonalds.

The Travis Scott Meal

Dauntae Green, Lifestyle Editor September 27, 2020

“You know why I’m here.” Rapper Travis Scott is now a new trend at McDonald's. The meal includes yummy food from McDonald's such as a Quarter Pounder with cheese, bacon, lettuce, medium fries with...

The Black Sheep farm-to-table restaurant uses extensive sanitary measures to keep employees and customers healthy.

Handling COVID correctly

Makayla Fedler, Editor September 27, 2020

With serious concern regarding students' health and safety off campus during the pandemic, The Black Sheep isn't taking any risks with employees or customers. The restaurant serves farm-to-table food in...

UW-W Enactus chapter leads food growth project

UW-W Enactus chapter leads food growth project

Sutton Rettig, Staff Reporter April 15, 2018

Some may find it incomprehensible that real world change can manifest via the social entrepreneurship initiatives of ordinary college students, but UW-Whitewater fosters the furthest thing from ordinary...

White Hall, located along Starin Road by the Visitor Center, will soon be home to a food pantry. The initiative will help prevent food insecurity and will be open for students to drop off or pick up food items as needed.

Thumbs up to campus food pantry initiative

Royal Purple, Editorial Staff Opinion March 18, 2018

When thinking of hunger and who it impacts most, our minds often drift to populations who are more vulnerable – children, the elderly, those living below the poverty line. As a society, we often forget...

People should not feel ashamed

‘People should not feel ashamed’

Brad Allen, Managing Editor January 29, 2018

Overcoming an eating disorder is a more complicated issue than some people might think. Thankfully, an upcoming event on campus can educate and enlighten students on the matter. Speaker and author Ryan...

Difficult dining decisions

December 5, 2012
According to United Press International, the average American eats out four to five times per week. As the semester draws to a close, students will be frantically scrambling to complete their assignments and study for exams. Staying awake through it all will be the biggest challenge, but man cannot live on caffeine alone.

Whitewater welcomes winter holidays

December 5, 2012

  With the holiday season upon us, many students look forward to family gatherings, stuffed stockings, caroling, decorating trees, eating baked goodies and most importantly, no classes. Get...

Hunger Games comes to campus

November 7, 2012

  Happy Hunger Games! This Thanksgiving season, UW-Whitewater residence halls will be competing in the “Whitewater Hunger Games.” Though there will be no fighting to the death in this...

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