National Cheese Pizza Day


Alyssa Rupiper, Journalist

Whether it is three in the afternoon or two in the morning, any hour can be pizza hour. September 5, 2022 is National Cheese Pizza Day, so let us go all out this year to celebrate! Pizza is one of the most customizable foods out there with seemingly endless possibilities of toppings. Although some toppings can be controversial (looking at you pineapple), there is always a slice that everyone can enjoy. Pepperoni, sausage and black olives are some of the most popular choices of toppings  but that does not mean that most people will not dabble in unique ingredients. Sardines, mushrooms and Canadian ham are just a few of these. The several types of cheese and variety of crusts can really make for a new experience with every pie.

As the University of Wisconsin Whitewater campus comes to life, pizza is something ooey and gooey to bond over with new friends and classmates. Pizza can be found both on and off campus. Here on campus, the most popular places to enjoy pizza is h’EAT. h’EAT is located on the lower level of the University Center and is open from four to 10 p.m. Here, you can have complete control over your pizza ingredients by building your own and then watching as it cooks in the stove oven! h’EAT offers pizza that can be loved by everyone with gluten free crust and vegan cheese available for those who request it! 

Off campus, restaurants chains like Rocky Rococo’s, Domino’s and Toppers are all within walking distance from the Universities campus. Or instead of making the trek yourself, get that Za’ delivered straight to your door or dorm! As comedian Kevin James once said: “There’s no better feeling in the world than a warm pizza box in your lap.” Pizza is a great back to school meal that can be the start of unforgettable memories and mouth watering tastes.  

National Pizza Day is not just about celebrating buying pizza however, it is also about celebrating the pizza that you can create from scratch! Nothing feels better than successfully making your own delicious cheesy meal that can be shared with your friends and is sure to taste amazing! Gather your friends, roommates or even coworkers and have a pizza making competition or try new combinations of nontraditional toppings! One can even have fun debating whether the pizza should be cut into triangles or squares! To get started, here is an easy to make, homemade pizza recipe.