Esports tournament begins year of gaming


Libby Nabhan

First and second place winners Di’allo Gordon and Tony Wagner compete in the Madden Xbox One Tournament Monday, Sept. 26.

Libby Nabhan, Journalist

Esports kicked off this year with a Madden Xbox One Tournament in Warhawk Alley beginning Sept. 12 and finishing with the championship game Monday, Sept. 26. The Esports event consisted of 32 players in a bracket style with all competing against one another for the title of champion and a prize of $250.

The events coordinator this year is sophomore Emmy Huebner who explained that the event is a good way to meet people with different interests as well as meet those interested in the Esports community. 

“I like the competitive aspect and it makes school more entertaining.” said finance major Brady Elliot who took 3rd place in the tournament.

Elliot explained that this was his first tournament for Esports at Whitewater, and joined because it looked like fun. He has been playing since Madden 11 and has been into video gaming as a hobby, giving himself something to look forward to during the school year. He got into Esports when he was younger, and encourages people to play if they are interested because it is a good way to make friends. 

“It’s a fun experience with some good people,” said second place winner freshman Tony Wagner about his first tournament at UW-W this year.

In first place was freshman De’allo Gordon, who has been playing for more than eight years as a hobby. This was his first tournament as well, making his win a big surprise coming out on top with the winning title. Gordon loves Madden and would also like to see more games offered in future tournaments. 

The tournament did what games are supposed to do: It brought people together in a fun competition. The next Esports event will be a Mario Kart tournament set to take place in Warhawk Alley Oct. 12.

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