Herman Cain: The man who caught fire, not GOP ‘flavor of the month’

With the GOP presidential primary election not far off, there are a plethora of candidates campaigning to be the GOP’s presidential nominee.

At first glance, the candidates seem to blend together: whether it is Texas Gov. Rick Perry and former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney who both look like they were born in suits, or former Penn. Sen. Rick Santorum and Minn. Rep. Michelle Bachmann, who like to verbally attack other candidates during debates instead of focusing more on their own policies.

However, there is one candidate who is not like the others. Atlanta businessman Herman Cain has never held public office before but is making himself a very real contender in a race full of candidates with vague answers and bland personalities. Cain, an African-American born in Memphis, Tenn. raised by two middleclass parents, has an understanding for humble beginnings and hard work.

Cain has been a syndicated columnist, a talk show host and most notably, the former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza. Before Cain took over Godfather’s Pizza, the company was nearing bankruptcy but under Cain’s leadership cut costs and became profitable.

Cain’s ability to lead economically is what makes him such a promising candidate. Unlike the rest of the candidates, Cain has the perspective from the American citizen’s side, not the politician’s.
While many political strategists say Americans won’t vote for a man without political experience, the polls beg to differ. In late September and early October, Cain won straw polls in Florida and Illinois. Also, Cain is third in the most recent FoxNews poll and won a Zogby poll by 20 percent on Oct. 7.

Cain doesn’t have the most money among candidates and he doesn’t have the best name recognition. However, his message is resonating with Americans. Many candidates dodge questions when asked in debates, but Cain is direct and clear when answering questions.

He is also honest and isn’t afraid to admit when he’s wrong, sounds pretty rare for somebody trying to become president. Herman Cain is a unique candidate in so many ways. We aren’t used to having politicians be so truthful, but then again he isn’t really a politician. Cain is just an American who thinks he can do a better job than the current president. If that’s not the American dream then I don’t know what is.

Herman Cain is here to stay. He may not have the richest campaign of all the candidates but so far he has the best message. If you want change come 2012, watch Herman Cain at the next GOP debate on CNN at 7 p.m. Oct. 18 or read his new book titled, “This is Herman Cain!”

When President Barack Obama was elected to office in 2008, history was made. Regardless of my opinion on Obama’s politics, I cannot ignore the historical significance of him being the first African-American elected to office.

If Cain were to win the GOP nomination, another historical event would occur. A presidential race between two black candidates would be another page in the history books. While many choose to ignore race, the truth is it is a very real thing in our society today.

If Cain does square off against Obama, he could be a legitimate threat. Once backed by the whole GOP financially (assuming he wins the nomination), Cain’s common sense approach to politics would attack Obama’s failed policies in an organized and methodical way. While Obama is a great debater and public speaker in his own right, Cain would be a tough opponent for him. Cain also has said that he believes he can get one third of African-Americans to vote for him.

Cain’s message is one almost every American can get behind in one way or another. Whether it’s his straight talking political views or his amazing story that exemplifies The American Dream, the more we as Americans learn about Herman Cain, the more we realize he isn’t the flavor of the month.