All students should vote


Photo provided by George Savage

UW-Madison alumnus, senior auditor and Emeritus (Languages and Literatures) Professor George Savag

George Savage, Contributor

As a Professor Emeritus (Languages and Literatures) who is fearful for our state and national democracies, I urge ALL Whitewater students to vote by November 8. In my lifetime, elections have always been hyped as “the most important ever,” but this time I think that statement is true.

I hope you will not think this election is of no consequence because it is a Midterm. This year the Midterms are every bit as important as the election in two years for President.

The choice is so clear, so obvious, that I will not insult you by telling you who to vote for.

I will merely state again that our democratic form of government is on the line. If you care about this, please vote.

-UW-Madison alumnus, Senior Auditor and Professor Emeritus of Languages and Literature