Do you want six more weeks of snow and why?


Glissaundra Korback (photo courtesy of Glissaundra Korback)

I do not want six weeks of snow. I can agree that snow is very pretty to look at, but I would rather not walk to class in it. Especially on the hill by Hyer hall. – Sophomore Communication and Sciences Major Glissaundra Korback 


Elyse Jacobson (photo courtesy of Elyse Jacobson)

Snow is cold, dreary, and just plain sad. It’s not like the old days when we could play in the snow for hours, now it’s just a nuisance in our lives. Walking to class while it’s snowing has never been fun and never will be fun. I hope the groundhog won’t see his shadow, so spring can come and this snow can be gone! – Freshman Legal Studies Major Elyse Jacobson