• Mar 21, 1:10 pmHappy Spring!

Royal Purple

Comm Sciences & Disorders BS Sophomore Kelly Pollina

What are you excited for spring season?

March 19, 2023

This spring I am most excited to hang out with my cows and family! Once I get back to Whitewater, I can’t wait for the weather to get nice. I love taking walks outside and going to whitewater beach while...

Junior Business & Economics Major Justice Theisen

What is the best thing about Whitewater?

March 5, 2023

The best thing about whitewater is definitely the community, whether it be in Greek life or in the hundreds of organizations/clubs or are on campus there is a place for every student to feel welcomed and...

Sophomore Education Major Eva Hernandez Cortes

Who is a female figure that impacts your life?

February 26, 2023

A female figure that has impacted my life is Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She made a huge difference when it comes to women’s rights, and other rights that I find very important. The changes she made within...

Briahna LeFave, Public Relations Chair

Why are women’s voices important?

Briahna LeFave, Contributor February 26, 2023

Women exercising their right to vote is imperative for electing public officials that holistically represent the population. Thanks to the Suffrage Movement, long gone are the days where women are voiceless...

Evelyn Schmidt

“What does social Justice mean to you?”

February 20, 2023

To me social justice means voting reform. The youth vote is underrepresented due to voter suppression methods. We need to combat this by allowing college students easy access to on campus voting, early...

Sophomore Business Major Keaton Hillman

What makes a healthy relationship?

February 12, 2023

The key to a healthy relationship is to have open communication. Without communication, problems can be misinterpreted. Therefore it’s important to set clear boundaries and make sure the other person...

Glissaundra Korback (photo courtesy of Glissaundra Korback)

Do you want six more weeks of snow and why?

I do not want six weeks of snow. I can agree that snow is very pretty to look at, but I would rather not walk to class in it. Especially on the hill by Hyer hall. - Sophomore Communication and Sciences...

Rebecca Harris, Disability Services Coordinator

Get support from the Center for Students with Disabilities

Rebecca Harris, Disability Services Coordinator November 28, 2022

Disability is something that comes in all different forms, and even the same disability looks drastically different for each individual. The Center for Students with Disabilities sees this and works to...

Sara Myers (photo provided by Sara Myers)

The benefits of becoming a journalist

Felicity Knabenbauer, Editor October 2, 2022

“From my perspective as a newspaper reporter, you learn a lot about the community you cover when you work for a daily newspaper like the Beloit Daily News and Janesville Gazette (the two papers I...

“We shouldnt celebrate Christopher Columbus day. He isnt someone we should look up to as a people. He is a bad representation of our country.” - Andreana Masters, Sophomore

Should Columbus Day be eliminated?

October 10, 2021

We asked and you answered. For this weeks in my opinion, we asked the question...Should Columbus Day be eradicated?

“I get my news from the apps of the CNN and Apple News,” - Cynthia Lin, Sophomore

Where do you get your news?

Alicia Dougherty, Editor October 3, 2021

In honor of National Newspaper Week, the Royal Purple asked where do you get your news?

Logan Komprood

Meet Advertising Manager Logan Komprood

Logan Komprood, Advertising Director August 29, 2021

“​Hello I am Logan Komprood, the new Advertising Manager for The Royal Purple. I am going into my final year of courses here at UW-Whitewater and I am majoring in Communications Advertising. My minor...

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