“What does social Justice mean to you?”


Evelyn Schmidt

To me social justice means voting reform. The youth vote is underrepresented due to voter suppression methods. We need to combat this by allowing college students easy access to on campus voting, early voting, and voter ids. If young people’s voice is fairly heard, we can elect people into power that more accurately reflect our values. – Freshman undeclared major Evelyn Schimdt


Maddy Albanese

Social Justice to me, as a queer person, means life or death. Social Justice means uplifting others’ voices, and recognizing that we not only need to consider interpersonal oppression but institutionalized oppression. It means not being performative in allyship, but taking allyship into every space, being vocal, and educating ourselves and others. In this Social Justice, we need to be purposely intersectional to include all identities and how they interlock. – Sophomore Film Studies Major Maddy Albanese 


Sophomore Womens and Genders Studies Major Orin Smith

To me, social justice is what is needed for people like myself to survive. I am a Trans, Queer, and Disabled person. And when institutionalized harm is allowed to continue and spread into interpersonal harm, people like me, and people at even further intersections of marginalization are the people who are being harmed and killed as a result. Social Justice is change, it is hope, it is survival. – Sophomore Womens and Genders Studies Major Orin Smith