Whitewater police respond to report of dead baby


A memorial is seen at Twin Oaks with a cross, candles and baby related items such as bottles and a stuffed rabbit.

Josh Stoughton, Community Editor

The Whitewater police force are currently investigating a report of a dead baby found in a field.

Whitewater police and emergency medical services responded to a report from North Tratt Street at the Twin Oaks Home Park for a reported dead newborn baby Saturday, Mar. 5 at around 11:10 a.m. The police are seeking information regarding this that might help them with the investigation into the death.

Members of the community have reacted to the tragic news by creating a memorial in Twin Oaks with a cross, flowers, and baby-related items such as a stuffed rabbit and bottles. 

If you have information, please contact the Whitewater Police Department at 262-473-0555 and click option #4, or email Detective Justin Brock, [email protected], and Detective Anthony Heilberger, [email protected].

The Whitewater Police Department also wants to ensure the public is aware of the Safe Haven for Newborns legislation (Wis. Stat. 48.195). This law guarantees the rights of parents relinquishing custody of newborn babies, 72 hours old and younger, anonymously and confidentially. Newborns can be relinquished to a law enforcement officer, emergency medical services practitioner, or hospital staff member without fear of legal consequences.