Election results


Josh Stoughton, Community Editor

With the general elections over, new members of different seats start to take on their role. School board members, Wisconsin Supreme Court judges, and others learn what they have to do to be able to do the most in their positions. Here are the winners for each of the positions that were voted for on April 4.

Wisconsin Supreme Court

Democratic member Judge Janet Protasiewicz beat out Republican member Justice Daniel Kelly for the open seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. With this win for the seat, Protasiewicz flipped the majority of the Court, which have been a Republican majority for the past 15 years. 

Throughout the state, Judge Protasieciwcz had 55.5% of the votes, and in Whitewater 69% voted for her. Justice Kelly, who had 44.5% of the votes, won the counties of Waukesha, Racine and Washington with just 31% of the Whitewater vote. 

Whitewater School Board

Though the results are currently unofficial, here are the current winners of the school board election. A total of 2,559 votes out of a possible 6,042 votes were cast for the school board elections, about 40% of the registered voters. 

Stephanie Hicks leads with a total of 2,375 votes. She received the most votes in all three counties that are represented by the school board: Jefferson County, Rock County and Walworth County. Christy Linse has the second most number of votes at 2,119. Lisa Huempfner is the third person that is currently looking at a possible seat on the school board, with 1,952 votes, just narrowing out Incumbent Thayer Coburn, who has 1,926 votes.

Common Council

The open seats on the City of Whitewater Common Council will continue to be held by each of the current members holding those seats, as they were all unopposed. Lisa Dawsey Smith will continue to be an at-large member. David Stone will continue to represent District 1 and Neil Hicks will continue to represent District 5.

Municipal Judge

Incumbent Municipal Judge Patrick Taylor beat out Art Coleman with 1,494 votes, or 65% of the votes. Art Coleman had 789 votes, or 45% of the votes


The referendums that were voted on during the election are currently in favor to pass, each with over 60% of votes in their favor.